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Date and locationEdit

  1. Lagos, September 7th, 2019 - Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of Lagos, Yaba
  2. Ibadan, September 12th, 2019 - Faculty of Arts Library, University of Ibadan
  3. Ilorin, September 14th, 2019 - Founders Hub, GRA, Ilorin

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What happenedEdit

Wikimedia Usergroup Nigeria organized three strategy salon sessions to cover the country. The first happened in Lagos on the 7th of September, 2019. Participants included members of the Wikimedia Usergroup Nigeria, Wikimedia Club at Lagos State University, Creative Commons Nigeria, staff of Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, and supporters of the open movement who wanted to contribute to the Wikimedia 2030 Strategy Salon. The second happened at the University of Ibadan on the 12th of September, 2019. Participants were drawn from the University of Ibadan Wikimedia Hub and club and Creative Commons Ibadan community. Members of the Wikimedia Club Ekiti also participated. The third salon happened in Ilorin. Participants included members of the university of Ilorin Wikimedia club.

Summary of the discussion pointsEdit

Reflections from participants or partnersEdit

Participants and partners felt honored to be included in the plans to discuss the Wikimedia 2030 strategy. The salon made them feel their views were valuable. During the salon, participants were able to go through a moment of truth, allowing them to discover issues within their own local communities. It also gave them the opportunity to review these issues and propose suggestions to these issues.

• The local community is happy with the Wikimedia 2030 strategy salon. This engagement allows us to feel like we have a say in the workings of the movement. • The Wikimedia Foundation was encouraged to engage the local communities on other issues that directly affects the communities. • The participants want more engagements with local communities in terms of training and capacity building. • The participants want to be involved in projects outside just Wikipedia • The participants of the strategy salon spoke about the personal cost of volunteering for Wikipedia and how it inhibits them (students mainly) from participating. • The participants requested for a system that resolves conflicts in local communities. This system does not have to be an international system but something that will quickly resolve conflicts within members of local communities • Most of the student communities mentioned that they need the presence of the Wikimedia Usergroup at their meetups as this will improve their community health. • The students also want the Wikimedia Nigeria Usergroup to engage their lecturers and professors so that they can get better engagement when they need to engage their lecturers.

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  • Lagos Strategy Salon

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