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We exanded on the Great American Wiknic concept with a series of strategy-themed picnics, a larger one in New York City and sub-grants to other interested locations in the United States.

CentralNotice was used on a subnational basis to promote the different salons.

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Reflections from participants or partnersEdit

Much of this is reflected in the discussion point sections for each salon described above.

In general, the salons were an excellent opportunity to build up local community and address questions relevant to both the global and local contexts. One outcome of the New York City salon was the Wikispore proposal to help address some of these questions of diversity and partnerships, and it now exists as a test wiki at .

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New York City Salon
Chicago Salon

Statement on your budgetEdit

Our overall grant was $1500, with $500 allocated for New York City and $250 for up to four other cities in the United States.

  • New York City: $395
  • St. Louis: $160.39
  • Chicago: $120.21