Talks about Wikipedia (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Salón de Estrategia

Strategy 2030 edit

Resources: Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20
Spanish version: Tertulia sobre Wikipedia (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
In order to imagine the future of free knowledge in the framework of the Wikimedia 2030 process, the Bolivian community of Wikimedia met in a strategy room held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 24th August, 2019.

24th August meeting edit

Participants edit

  • Caleidoscopic
  • José Chuvè
  • Ignacio Tomicha
  • Ana Medinacelli
  • Sandra Velasco
  • Noemí Ticona

The meeting edit

The objective of the gathering was the exchange of ideas on the Wikipedia edition in Bolivia, focused on two thematic areas within the framework of the strategic direction of the Wikimedia movement, Diversity, & Community Health.

Discussion points edit

Main questions that guided the discussion:

  • 'P1' - How do we consolidate the Wikipedia community of Santa Cruz?
  • 'P2' - How have we built community and what challenges exist?
  • 'P3' - How can the foundation collaborate with the consolidation of our community?

About the first question edit

About the second question edit

About the third question edit

Proposals edit

Build two axes from existing sources.

Collect and seek alliances with the language project managers of Bolivia; the example of nidos bilingues was cited

Partnerships for systematic support for building sources and research.

If we work to consolidate Wikipedia in a space for the community with its current characteristics, we face the risk of reaching only those idividuals who are closer to the dominant historiography from the 20th century, which has a European-centered approach, and also the romanticization of many processes such as evangelization and missions.

There are abundant contemporary sources and projects with inclusive approaches and with greater breadth of analysis but availability is limited and dissemination also, research communities can be great allies if they work with them the issue of free licenses.

Conclussions edit

  • There is a need of mapping content of the country in an equitable manner. There are areas with bigger coverage than others.
  • In Santa Cruz there are no alliances like Cochabamba's (University of San Simón), and it is believed that it would be positive to replicate.
  • The history of the natives people in Santa Cruz does not exist. There is a romantic vision of the indigenous.
  • People wants to implement large projects to teach editing.
  • It takes time to have a community of new editors who edits autonomously.

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