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Wikimedia Polska (WMPL, Wikimedia Polska) is an independent non-profit, membership-based organisation serving as a Wikimedia chapter in Poland. It was created during in 2005 and recognized as the fourth Wikimedia chapter. According to the Bylaws, the purpose of the Association is to equate everyone's chances to access knowledge, both general and specific in the fields of science, culture, education and art as well as to promote and organise volunteering and charity.

Wikimedia Polska
Wikimedia Polska
Poland on the globe (Europe centered)
Affiliate codeWMPL
Country codePL
Legal statusAssociation
Founding date14 August 2005
Approval date15 November 2005
Main officeWarsaw
Membership129 (members' list)
Volunteersapprox. 30 (permanent or regular)
Official language(s)Polish
Prezes (President)Michał Buczyński
Key peopleSzymon Grabarczuk (Vice-President)
Łukasz Garczewski (COO)
Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska (Communnity Support Officer)
Incorporation paperStatut
Budgetrev. approx. $320.000
(planned 2021)
max exp. approx. $471.000
(planned 2021)
AffiliationsWikimedia Central and Eastern Europe
Mobile number(+48) 790 290 842
E-mail addresskontakt(_AT_)
Mailing listWikimediaPL-l
FacebookWikimedia Polska
YoutubeWikimedia Polska


Every Polish citizen over the age of 16 as well as foreign residents of Poland may become regular members of the Association, provided that they have contributed to any of the Wikimedia projects, have filled a membership form, were accepted by the Board and have paid the annual membership fee, which is currently set at a minimum of PLN 1.00 (USD 0.26). Corporate bodies may become supporting members of the Association but they are not allowed voting rights. As of February 5, 2019, Wikimedia Polska had 131 regular members.


Wikimedia Polska is supported primarily by voluntary donations from the general public. It has been recognised by Polish authorities as a public benefit organization since 28 March 2007 and it has been therefore possible for individuals to donate 1% of their income tax to the Association.

Governance structureEdit


The Board is collectively responsible for and entitled to the governance and representation of the chapter. However, its main focus areas are: strategic planning and control, compliance, finance, fundraising, and overall capacity building. Programme ownership has been gradually delegated to the management team, and execution of the programmes has been delegated to staff and volunteers.

The Board is elected by the regular members for a two-year term at the General Assembly and consists of three to seven members, including the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and at least one Vice President. The current members of the Board were elected during the General Assembly on 18 July 2020 (online and in Poznań).

The following members are currently serving on the Board:

Management team and the Chief Operating OfficerEdit

[coming soon]

Programmes and projectsEdit

WMPL runs a number of programmes, chiefly in the areas of volunteer support, GLAM, and education. Among most successful programmes, there are:

  • Wikigranty (a popular microgrants programme),
  • Wikiekspedycje ("Wikiexpeditions", a series of photographic expeditions to remote regions of Poland),
  • Wiki Lubi Zabytki (a highly successful edition of Wiki Loves Monuments, including the competition on the national level as well as accompanying exhibitions and other events),
  • Etnokarpaty ("Carpathian Ethnography Project", a cross-border GLAM project conducted in cooperation with Wikimedia affiliates from Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic)

and much more. See details in yearly reports.


Attendees of 2019 Wikimedia Polska Conference in Wrocław

Wikimedia Poland has organized a number of national and local events. Its main multi-day conference is Konferencja Wikimedia Polska ("Wikimedia Polska Conference", organized every late spring or early summer, where guests from the outside of Wikimedia world are invited and where general assemblies of WMPL are held.

Other events are thematic meetings like Winter Retreats (focused on editing workshops with an element of a forseen improvisation) and meetups for most active sister project communities, Wikisource and Wiktionary (Źródłosłów).


Mailing list
WikimediaPL-l, a moderated and private mailing list
Postal address
Wikimedia Polska
al. Szucha 16/15, 00-580 Warszawa



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