Ada Jakubowska
Ada Jakubowska
Senior Technical Support Specialist, Wikimedia Polska

About me

Hi! I’m Ada. That’s the way I start a conversation with every newly met person. But it’s not just simply Ada, because being of scientific mindset by the attitude, construction engineer by the education and social person by the avocation, nothing is so simple. I'm an organizer of cultural activities, volunteer and activist, although without any doubt I can build an access road to your houses. I’ve started my social activities when I was in primary school, spending this way majority of my free time. I love painting, making makrama’s and recently I've started artistic wood-burning. I’m trying to travel as much as I can, I used to dance with fire, and I’m still a member of Brotherhood of Vikings. In my free time I love taking a stroll on the smooth Gulf of Gdansk sand and when someone proposes to me to do any sporty activities, I politely say “no, thank you”. I’ve finished construction engineering studies on the Gdańsk University of Technology and University of Warmia and Mazury, but I closed that phase of my life to follow my dreams.

My work

I joined a team of Wikimedia Polska empoyees in January 2023 as junior tech support specialist. My job is to provide tech, oragnisational and administrative support for the WMPL emoplyees and whole community of wiki volunteers. A few tasks I’m right now up to along with the support team are building an on-boarding platform for newcomers, organising contents or wikimedian’s meetings. I’m working in cooperation with the edu team as well on the Wikischool site and courses for teachers. I’m always there, where my help is needed.

Contact me

My email: