I am Maria Weronika Kmoch from Poland. I edit Wikipedia in Polish. I am also active in Wikimedia Commons.

I graduated from the University of Warsaw (master's degree in history). I am interested in regional history (mainly Kurpie, my home region in central Poland), women's history (herstory), family history, oral history, ethnography. I'm involved in the gender gap and Wiki-women projects, also Ethno Wiki projects. I take part in editorial projects and thematic weeks.

Since 2020 I organize school projects based on Wikipedia, concentrating on gender gap, Wikiproject:LGBT+ or Wikiproject:EtnoWiki. I work in the Independent High School named after Maharaja Jam Saheb Digvijay Sinhji in Warsaw. In 2022 I co-organized and coordinated the Wikipedia project in the Kurpie region, which we plan to continue.

My user page in Polish Wikimedia.