Movement Charter

It has been proposed that the Wikimedia movement adopt a Movement Charter that would lay out roles for a new Global Council and other Wikimedia movement entities. Ideally such a charter would have broad consensus.

According to the strategy recommendations,[1] the Movement Charter would:

  • Lay the values, principles and policy basis for Movement structures, including the roles and responsibilities of the Global Council, regional and thematic hubs, as well as other existing and new entities and decision-making bodies,
  • Set requirements and criteria for decisions and processes that are Movement-wide to be legitimate and trusted by all stakeholders, e.g. for
    • Maintaining safe collaborative environments,
    • Ensuring Movement-wide revenue generation and distribution,
    • Giving a common direction on how resources should be allocated with appropriate accountability mechanisms.
    • Defining how communities work together and are accountable to each other.
    • Setting expectations for participation and the rights of participants.

Enforcing Movement organizations' compliance with the Charter will be the responsibility of the Global Council.

The development of the Charter will be overseen by an Interim Global Council that will be created during the Strategy Transition process. Development of the Charter will happen in consultation with communities, organizations and subject matter experts. During the implementation and development of the Charter, existing Movement structures, such as the Affiliations Committee and Funds Dissemination Committee, will be reviewed and adapted.

The strategy recommendations describe the Charter as "provid[ing] a sense of belonging, as well as clearly defining roles and responsibilities for current and future members of our Movement".

The Charter will describe processes for resource allocation which will be designed through consultation.

Drafts with sections or proposals for an imagined Movement CharterEdit