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An important aspect of the Wikimedia Foundation’s funding programs is the role that volunteer committees have in providing both guidance and support to applicants as well as making decisions about how movement funds should be distributed. Based on the movement strategy recommendations, we maintain committees that enable communities in each region and thematic experts to have a central role in setting priorities and allocating funds for specific types of initiatives. Each of these processes benefits greatly from existing expertise, new ideas, and awareness of required skills and circumstances for local communities.

We have seven regional committees leading our participatory processes. For more information about each regional committee, please review the corresponding regional page:

Stipend and benefits

  • Stipend: The regional committee members may receive a stipend of $100 every 2 months to offset costs of participation. Stipends can be used to pay for childcare, internet, transportation and other costs that make volunteering possible
  • Skill development opportunities: The regional committee members will have access to skill building opportunities, including training on topics such as conflict transformation and nonviolent communication. Through their work on the tasks, members will also learn by doing.

Other Fund Committees

Políticas y directrices

Committee Open Calls

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