Reda Benkhadra
Reda Benkhadra
Co-founder, Wikimedia Morocco

About me

I'm a Moroccan volunteer editor on Wikipedia from Salé, near the national capital Rabat.

I joined Wikimedia projects in May 2012, in order to enrich the Moroccan content on Wikipedia still very incomplete. I wrote nearly 200 articles on Wikipedia especially in French and Arabic mainly linked to Morocco's culture, but also on topics such as sports, historical events and personalities etc.

Some of you may know me from the WMCON16 in Berlin, WikiConvFR 2016 in Paris, Wiki Indaba 18 in Tunis, or WikiArabia 19 in Marrakesh.

My work

Co-founding and managing the Wikimedia MA User Group.

Initiating and coordinating projects.

Organizing events ranging from small workshops to large gatherings.

Spreading the open knowledge.

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