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I'm Wugapodes and I am a phonetician who studies language variation and change.

My home project is the English Wikipedia, and my userpage there has more about my interests. When not working on administrative tasks, I am often contributing to articles on linguistics. Over the last few years I have also been working with other linguists to organize and provide technical support to edit-a-thons. This outreach work helps to introduce subject-matter experts to the process of editing as well as the community behind our content. Most of my contributions in that area can be found under the role account User:WugapodesOutreach.

I am also a MediaWiki developer with +2 rights for the mw:Extension:ChessBrowser. The extension is a collaborative project to bring interactive chess content to Wikimedia wikis. You can learn more about it on

On Meta I mostly read and edit essays. Starting in August 2021 I also serve on the Regional Grants Committee for the United States and Canada.

I occasionally contribute to other projects such as English Wikivoyage and English Wikiversity. For a full list you can see my global contributions.