Just a little about meEdit

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My name, given here, is pronounced Auntie Kate.
I edited like a mad thing for the start of last year - the whole first half of the year before the pandemic and working from home and all got the better of me. It's time to reboot and start again for 2021. I am still adding to my to do list faster than I can create articles.
My goal is to make it so that when you look for people who do X you get a fair number of women in the list and not just men. This means improving the number of women who have articles on Wikipedia.

I have a particular interest in Irish women and have focused on revolutionaries, pioneers, engineers and writers but I will take on any woman I find interesting or notable, Irish or otherwise. Occasionally I will take a particular focus on people from specific areas or backgrounds which are not well covered.
I am passionate about Irish and keeping the language alive. But that work is done behind the scenes for me, rather than on Vicipéid. It's around getting the schools involved, getting other editors with Irish to edit Vicipéid, improving visibility of Vicipéid and that kind of thing.

If you are interested in joining me, I work with Women in Red and am part of Wikimedia Community Ireland but I also have a bunch of links to how to guides on how to edit and pages of who to edit.

I will help if I can, just ask. Click here to leave me a message.

Things to work onEdit

Wikipedia:Lists of common misspellings