संलग्नन समिती/सदस्य

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The Affiliates Committee comprises volunteers selected for their enthusiasm and their skills in community organising, cross-cultural communication, reviewing bylaws, and providing governance advice for emerging organisations. There are currently ten voting members with terms of two years each; the terms are arranged so that half of the seats are up for election every year.

Voting members of the Committee are helped by an unspecified number of non-voting advisers, either appointed by the Board of Trustees (known as Board liaisons) or by the Committee itself. Advisers provide the Committee with on-the-ground experience, language skills, and governance advice, and are able to take part in discussions on an internal wiki and a non-public mailing list.

Certain Wikimedia Foundation staff members are also actively present on the Affiliations Committee's non-public mailing list and internal wiki acting as liaisons and providing insight and advice when needed. They are not formal members of the committee, and are present at the request of the Wikimedia Foundation and with permission from voting members of the committee.

All members of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees have access to the Affiliations Committee's internal wiki.

If you'd like to be a voting member of the Committee, please leave a note on the talk page, and you'll be notified when seats become available. The next selection is scheduled for the mid of 2021, with new members joining the Committee in July, 2021. New members and advisers may be added by the end of 2021, as well.

सद्य सदस्य

मतदान करु शकणारे सदस्य
Photo Name Languages Location (time zone) Term ends Role
1   Jeffrey Keefer en-N, fr-2 United States, North America (UTC-4/UTC-5) December 31, 2023 खूर्ची
2   Mehman Ibragimov ka-N, ru-N, tr-N, az-N, en-3 Georgia, Eastern Europe (UTC+4) December 31, 2023 सचिव; Vice-Chair
3   Suyash Dwivedi hi-N, en-3, sa-2 India, South Asia (UTC+05:30) December 31, 2023 खजिनदार; Vice-Chair
4   Başak Tosun tr-N, en-5 Turkey, Eastern Europe (UTC+3) December 31, 2023
5   Joy N. Y Agyepong en-N, tw-N, ak-N Ghana, Africa December 31, 2023
6   Wojciech Pędzich pl-N, en-4 Poland, Europe (UTC+1) December 31, 2023
7   Benoît Prieur fr-N France, Europe (UTC+1) December 31, 2023

Non-voting members

समितीच्या गैर-सार्वजनिक मेलिंग सूची मध्ये प्रवेश करण्यास सक्षम.

सामुदायिक सल्लागार
सल्लागार भाषा स्थळ (वेळ क्षेत्र) अवधी समाप्ती सूचना
Maor Malul es, en-5, lad-4, pt-4, de-3, he-3, ca-3, af-2, guc-2, tr-2 Israel, Western Asia (UTC+2) डिसेंबर ३१, इ.स. २०२३
Aleksey Chalabyan hy-N, en Armenia, Eastern Europe (UTC+4) डिसेंबर ३१, इ.स. २०२३
Board Liaisons
Liaison Languages Location (time zone) Term end Notes
Shani Evenstein Sigalov Israel, Western Asia (UTC+2)
Nataliia Tymkiv
Lorenzo Losa
Staff Liaisons
Photo Name Languages Location (time zone) Role
1   Dumisani Ndubane ts-N, en-4 South Africa (UTC+2)
2   Manavpreet Kaur pa-N, en-4, hi-3, fr-2 Punjab, India, Asia (UTC+5:30)
3 Nahid Sultan bn-N, en-3, bpy-1.05, hif-1, as-1 Bangladesh, South Asia (UTC +6) Trust & Safety
4 Charles Roslof en-N United States, North America (UTC-8/UTC-7) Legal
5 Stephen LaPorte en-N United States, North America (UTC-8/UTC-7) Legal

माजी सदस्य

मतदान करु शकणारे सदस्य
सदस्य कालावधी नोंदी
Nathan Carter 2006–2012 संस्थापकिय सदस्य
Łukasz Garczewski 2006–2008 संस्थापकिय सदस्य
Austin Hair 2006–2012 संस्थापकिय सदस्य,माजी अध्यक्ष
Hari Prasad Nadig 2006–2008 संस्थापकिय सदस्य
Delphine Ménard 2006–2012 संस्थापकिय सदस्य, माजी अध्यक्ष,जुलै २०१६ पर्यंतचे मतदान करु न शकणारे सल्लागार (वर बघा)
Carlos Barcenilla 2007–2010
Anders Wennersten 2007–2010
Andrew Withworth 2007–2010 former Vice-Chair
Damian Finol 2007–2013
Michael Bimmler 2008–2009 याशिवाय २००७-२००८ मधील मतदान करु न शकणारे सल्लागार
Marco Chiesa 2008–2010
Jeromy-Yu Chan 2008–2013
Miloš Rančić 2009–2010 याशिवाय २००८-२००९ व २०१०-२०१२ दरम्यानचे मतदान करु न शकणारे सल्लागार
Lodewijk Gelauff 2009-2014 २०१४-२०१६मध्ये मतदान करु न शकणारा सल्लागार(वर पहा)
Vladimir Medeyko 2010–2012 याशिवाय २०१२-२०१३ मधील मतदान करु न शकणारा सल्लागार
Sebastian Moleski 2010–2013
Ray Saintonge 2010–2013
Bence Damokos 2010-2014 former Chair, सध्या एक मतदान करु न शकणारा सल्लागार(वर पहा)
Bengt Oberger 2012–2013
Tomasz Kozłowski 2012–2013 याशिवाय २०१३ मध्ये काही महिन्यांसाठी मतदान करु न शकणारा सल्लागार
Maria Sefidari 2012–2013 former Treasurer (2012–2013), also a Board liaison between 2013–2014
Tanvir Rahman 2013-2015 former Secretary
Gregory Varnum 2013-2015 former Vice-Chair
Josh Lim 2013-2015
Cynthia Ashley-Nelson 2014 former Vice-Chair
Emily Temple-Wood 2014-2016
Ganesh Paudel 2014-2016
Ting Chen 2014-2016
Manuel Schneider 2014-2016
Anirudh Singh Bhati 2014-2016
Satdeep Gill 2017-2018 मूळ खजिनदार
Tanweer Morshed 2016-2018
Salvador Alcántar Morán 2013-2019
Kirill Lokshin 2014-2019 former Chair (2017-2019) and former Vice-Chair (2016-2017)
Farah Jack Mustaklem  2017-2019
Biplab Anand 2017-2019
Maor Malul 2013-2019 former Chair and former Vice-Chair
Reda Kerbouche 2019
Manavpreet Kaur 2019-2020
Ravan Al-Taie 2020-2021
Sami Mlouhi 2018-2021
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight 2016-2021 former Chair
Emna Mizouni 2016-2021 former-Vice Chair
Olushola Olaniyan 2017-2022
Linar Khalitov 2021-2022
Camelia Boban 2016-2022 Former Chair
Bunty Avieson 2020-2022
मतदान करु शकत नसणारे सल्लागार
सल्लागार कालावधी नोंदी
Andrew Lih 2006–2008 संस्थापकिय सदस्य
Arne Klempert 2006–2008 and 2012–2013 founding member and also a Board liaison between 2010–2012
Michael Bimmler 2007–2008 याशिवाय २००८-२००९ मधील मतदान करु शकणारा सदस्य
Frieda Brioschi 2007–2009 Board liaison
Oscar Van Dillen 2007–2008
Miloš Rančić 2008–2009 and 2010–2012 याशिवाय २००९-२०१० मधील मतदान करु शकणारा सदस्य
Privatemusings 2008–2010
Ting Chen 2009–2010 Board liaison and also a voting member between 2014-2016
Kat Walsh 2009–2010 Board liaison
Achal Prabhala 2010–2012
Samuel Klein 2010–2012 Board liaison
Bishakha Datta 2010–2013 Board liaison
Patricio Lorente 2012–2014 Board liaison
Vladimir Medeyko 2012–2013
Tomasz Kozłowski 2013 याशिवाय २०१२-२०१३ मधील मतदान करु शकणारा सदस्य
Maria Sefidari 2013–2014 Board liaison and also a voting member between 2012–2013
Jan-Bart de Vreede 2014–2015 Board liaison
Lodewijk Gelauff 2014-2016 also a former voting member between 2009-2014
Natalia Tymkiv July 2016-July 2018 Board Liaison
Anasuya Sengupta United States, North America (UTC-8/UTC-7)
Patricio Lorente Argentina (UTC-3)
Esra'a Al Shafei July 2018-August 2019 Board Liaison
Jorid Martinsen 2019-2021
Ilario Valdelli 2019-2021
Dr. James Heilman August 2019-October 2021 Board Liaison
Anthony B. Diaz 2021