Jeromy-Yu Chan (User:Yuyu)
Jeromy-Yu Chan (User:Yuyu)
Co-ordinator in Chief, wm2013:Wikimania 2013
Councillor, Wikimedia Hong Kong
Οὔτε τι τῶν ἀνθρωπίνων ἄξιον ὂν μεγάλης σπουδῆς.

About me

I have been volunteering for this Wikipedia/Wikimedia things since 2004, as a normal editor, a head of a local chpater, in ChapCom & ComCom, and as conference organizer of Wikimania 2013. I am still studying Journalism, and working as editor in local media company in Hong Kong, also an active blogger, and social media addict.

My work

I used to be active on editing Chinese Wikipedia, and still retain my position as a administrator there. My current focus is the outreach and PR of the Hong Kong chapter, development in Asia and WIkimania 2013.

Some of Previous stuff

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