Monitorovací tím malých projektov

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Monitorovací tím malých wiki (skratka SWMT, z anglického Small Wiki Monitoring Team) je skupina Wikimediánov, ktorí s pomocou IRC a iných nástrojov monitorujú malú wiki a kontorolujú ich proti vandalizmu, spamu, alebo proti trolovaniu. Existuje niekoľko botov, ktorý sledujú podozrivé úpravy na týchto wiki a posielajú ich členom SWMT. Ak chcete pomôcť SWMT, jednoducho sa pripojte na kanál #cvn-swconnect alebo IRC. Takisto sa môžte zapísať do zoznamu užívateľov nižšie.

Definícia „malých“ wiki

The "small" in "Small Wiki Monitoring Team" is to be broadly interpreted. Although the bots on IRC monitor most wikis with fewer than 10,000 articles, that is not to say that they are "small" as in "insignificant"; rather, we prefer to monitor as large a number of wikis as possible, so that we can most effectively coordinate measures to stop spammers and vandals that damage a lot of wikis en masse, or target smaller wikis because they think they can avoid detection altogether.

Therefore, please don't be offended if one of our members reverts vandalism on your wiki, identifying themselves as a member of the SWMT; we're there because we care about your wiki, not because we think it is a backburner project.

Ako monitorovať malú wiki

  1. Monitor recent changes to small Wikis via IRC or SWViewer. See Small Wiki Monitoring Team/IRC for details.
  2. Report vandals and page deletions at Global sysops/Requests.
  3. Revert vandalism.
  4. Report link spam for the Spam blacklist.
  5. A list of small wikis can be found here.

Globálne permisie

Any user in good standing can become a member of the SWMT. However, there are global permissions that may be of help. These include global sysop and global rollback. Please note that candidates for these permissions are expected to have significant experience in the SWMT.


Members of SWMT are requested to create a global user page at Meta, which will show on the wikis where they are editing. Consider using a Babel tag on your user page.

You can add the following userbox to your user page by typing {{User SWMT}}:

 This user is a member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team.

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