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Englanti Kääntäminen
abuse filter abuse filter
accountability accountability
admin admin
administrator ylläpitäjä
administrators ylläpitäjät
administrators on meta administrators on meta
adminship adminship
advanced rights advanced rights
advisor advisor
Advisory Board Advisory Board
AffCom AffCom
affiliate affiliate
affiliates affiliates
Affiliations Committee Affiliations Committee
Africa Afrikka
arbitration committee arbitration committee
appeal appeal
Assistant election official Assistant election official
autoconfirmed users autoconfirmed users
autopatrolled users autopatrolled users


Englanti Kääntäminen
backlog muutosloki
best practices best practices
board board
board election board election
board elections board elections
Board Governance Committee Board Governance Committee
board handbook board handbook
Board of Trustees Johtokunta
bot botti
bylaws bylaws


Englanti Kääntäminen
Call for feedback Call for feedback
candidate kandidaatti
candidates candidates
category luokka
Central and Eastern Europe Central and Eastern Europe
Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Central Asia Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Central Asia
CentralNotice CentralNotice
chair chair
Chairman Emeritus Chairman Emeritus
challenge challenge
change change
changes changes
chapter chapter
chapters chapters
chapters agreement chapters agreement
Chapters committee Chapters committee
chapters handbook chapters handbook
Chapters meeting Chapters meeting
Charter Charta
Charter content Charter content
Charter drafting Charter drafting
CheckUser Osoitepaljastuspyynnöt
CheckUser policy Osoitepaljastajien käytännöt
Chief Operational officer Chief Operational officer
Chief Technical Officer Chief Technical Officer
ComCom ComCom
commission commission
committee committee
Commons Commons
Communications committee Communications committee
communities communities
communities and organizations communities and organizations
community community
Community Affairs Committee Community Affairs Committee
Community Development Community Development
Community Development team Community Development team
community meeting community meeting
Community Resilience and Sustainability (CR&S) Community Resilience and Sustainability (CR&S)
conflict of interest conflict of interest
consensus consensus
consultation consultation
consultation with consultation with
consultation with communities consultation with communities
consultations consultations
content sisältö
contractor contractor
contributor(s) contributor(s)
conversation conversation
conversations conversations
coordinating coordinating
coordination coordination
Council Council


Englanti Kääntäminen
desktop desktop
development development
development of development of
Diff blog Diff blog
Direction Direction
disambiguation disambiguation
discussion keskustelu
discussion page discussion page
Discussion Tools Discussion Tools
discussions discussions
diverse diverse
diversity diversity
draft draft
drafting drafting
Drafting committee Luonnostelukomitea
drafts drafts


Englanti Kääntäminen
East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific
edit conflict edit conflict
edit summary edit summary
edit war edit war
Edit-a-thon Edit-a-thon
Editathon Editathon
editing editing
editor editor
editors muokkaajat
election election
Election compass Election compass
Election officers Election officers
election volunteer election volunteer
elections elections
Elections Committee Elections Committee
Embassies Embassies
Embassy Embassy
emerging communities emerging communities
emerging community emerging community
employee employee
employees employees
enforcement enforcement
Enforcement Guideline Enforcement Guideline
Enforcement Guidelines Enforcement Guidelines
Europe Eurooppa
evaluation evaluation
event event
events events
Events committee Events committee
Executive Director Executive Director
extension extension
external links external links

F, G

Englanti Kääntäminen
feature feature
financial committee financial committee
financial reports financial reports
Foundation Foundation
Foundation-l Foundation-l
free knowledge free knowledge
fund fund
Fundraising committee Fundraising committee
funds funds
Funds Dissemination Committee Funds Dissemination Committee
General Counsel General Counsel
Gerrit Gerrit
GLAMwiki conferences GLAMwiki conferences
global conversation global conversation
global conversations global conversations
Global council Global council
global permissions global permissions
global policies global policies
global policy global policy
Global Sysop Global Sysop
Global Sysops Global Sysops
governance governance
Governance review Governance review
grant grant
Grant Advisory Committee (GAC) Grant Advisory Committee (GAC)
grantee grantee
grants grants
guideline guideline

H, I , K

Englanti Kääntäminen
hackathon hackathon
healthy community healthy community
helpdesk helpdesk
home wiki home wiki
hub hub
hubs hubs
implement implement
implementation implementation
inclusive inclusive
initiative (Movement Strategy Initiative) initiative
insurance committee insurance committee
interface interface
interface administrator interface administrator
interfaces interfaces
Interim Global Council Interim Global Council
interwiki interwiki
knowledge knowledge


Englanti Kääntäminen
LangCom LangCom
Language Committee Language Committee
Latin America Latin America
Latin America (LATAM) and The Caribbean Latin America (LATAM) and The Caribbean
leader leader
leadership leadership
Leadership development Leadership development
Leadership development working group Leadership development working group
legal legal
legal officer legal officer
libraries libraries
library library
list of chapters list of chapters
list of projects list of projects
lists of projects lists of projects
logo logo
logos logos

M, N

Englanti Kääntäminen
mailing list postituslista
mailing lists mailing lists
main page main page
mainspace mainspace
maintaining maintaining
matching fund matching fund
MediaWiki MediaWiki
Meta policies Meta policies
Middle East and Africa Middle East and Africa
mission statement mission statement
movement movement
Movement Charter Movement Charter
Movement Strategy Movement Strategy
movement-wide movement-wide
multilingual project multilingual project
multilingual projects multilingual projects
namespace nimiavaruus
namespaces namespaces
need for leadership need for leadership
needs needs
Neutral point of view (NPOV) Neutral point of view (NPOV)
newcomer newcomer
newcomers newcomers

O, P

Englanti Kääntäminen
office action office action
office actions office actions
officers officers
office hour(s) officers hour(s)
online platform online platform
online tool online tool
organization organization
organizations organizations
outreach outreach
oversight oversight
page page
paid editing paid editing
participant participant
participants participants
permissions permissions
platform platform
platforms platforms
point of view (pov) point of view (pov)
policies policies
policy policy
presentation presentation
presentations presentations
priorities priorities
prioritized prioritized
priority priority
priority initiative priority initiative
priority initiatives priority initiatives
privilege privilege
process process
processes processes
project project
projects projects
proposal proposal
proposals ehdotukset


Englanti Kääntäminen
random page random page
ratification ratification
ratification process ratification process
recent changes recent changes
recommendation recommendation
recommendations recommendations
red link red link
redirect redirect
Regional hub Regional hub
Regional hubs Regional hubs
rename rename
request request
request for permissions request for permissions
requests pyynnöt
requests for permissions requests for permissions
requests for username changes requests for username changes
research research
research phase research phase
research report research report
research result research result
resource resource
resources resources
responsibilities responsibilities
responsibility responsibility
retreat retreat
revenue revenue
revenues revenues
right right
Roundtable Roundtable


Englanti Kääntäminen
sandbox sandbox
scope scope
section section
selection selection
single user login single user login
sister projects sister projects
skills development skills development
Small Wiki Monitoring Team Pienten wikien seurantaryhmä
South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
spam spam
spam block list spam block list
special page special page
special pages special pages
speedy deletion speedy deletion
speedy deletions speedy deletions
staff staff
stakeholder stakeholder
stakeholders stakeholders
steward ylivalvoja
steward elections Ylivalvojien vaali
steward requests steward requests
stewards ylivalvojat
strategy strategy
strategy recommendation strategy recommendation
strategy recommendations strategy recommendations
summaries summaries
summary yhteenveto
support support
suppression suppression
sustainability sustainability
sysop ylläpitäjä
sysops sysops


Englanti Kääntäminen
talk page keskustelusivua
talk pages talk pages
task force task force
Telegram Group Telegram Group
Telegram Groups Telegram Groups
template template
templates templates
test wiki test wiki
test wikis test wikis
thematic hub thematic hub
thematic hubs thematic hubs
thematic organization thematic organization
thematic organizations Teemajärjestöt
trademarks committee trademarks committee
transclusion transclusion
translation of the week translation of the week
translation request translation request
translation requests translation requests
treasurer treasurer
Trust & Safety Trust & Safety
trustee trustee
trustees trustees

U, V

Englanti Kääntäminen
UCoC Enforcement guidelines UCoC Enforcement guidelines
United States and Canada United States and Canada
Universal Code of Conduct Yleinen käytössäännöstö
update update
user user
user group user group
user groups user groups
user page user page
vandal vandal
vandalism vandalismi
vandals vandals
verifiability verifiability
vice-chair vice-chair
village pump village pump
VisualEditor Visuaalinen muokkain
Volunteer Response Team Volunteer Response Team


Englanti Kääntäminen
Wikibooks Wikikirjasto
Wikicouncil Wikicouncil
Wikimania Wikimania
Wikimedia Wikimedia
Wikimedian Wikimedisti
Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS) Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS)
Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia community Wikimedia community
Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia-säätiö
Wikimedia Foundation official policies Wikimedia Foundation official policies
Wikimedia Foundation official policy Wikimedia Foundation official policy
Wikimedia project Wikimedia project
Wikimedia projects Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia Summit Wikimedia Summit
Wikinews Wikiuutiset
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Wikiquote Wikisitaatit
Wikisource Wikiaineisto
Wikispecies Wikispecies
wikitext wikitext
wikitext editor wikitext editor
Wikiversity Wikiopisto
Wikivoyage Wikimatkat
Wiktionary Wikisanakirja
working group working group