Licensing update/Header tracking

This is a tracking page for updating the vote header on the vote servers. The necessary content is updated by localizing licensing update/Vote-header; however, the items must be manually uploaded to the SPI servers. When the header is updated, please update the corresponding status below so that new content can be copied to the vote servers. If you create a new translation of the vote header please add an appropriate section below and update the translations bar status.

The statuses for {{cn translation status}} are:

  • progress - For when the translation is incomplete.
  • proofreading - For when the translation is still being looked over.
  • ready - For when the translation is complete and you want it to be posted.
  • needs updating or needs proofreading - For when the translators need to provide an update/more information or need proofreading.
  • published - For after the translation has been posted. Can still be changed to other statuses if the translation is updated or improved and a reposting is required.

If you make a change to a translation that has already been published, change the status to proofreading. All translations and updates to existing translations must be proofread before they can be published. If you do not update the status, your update may not be done and your work will go to waste.

Translations bar edit

Licensing update/Vote-header/ar

Licensing update/Vote-header/bg

The header and jump text in Bulgarian are flagged as published, yet the is still in English

Licensing update/Vote-header/bs

Bottom part of the template is missing.

Licensing update/Vote-header/ca

Licensing update/Vote-header/cs

Licensing update/Vote-header/de

Licensing update/Vote-header/el

Licensing update/Vote-header/en

Licensing update/Vote-header/es

Licensing update/Vote-header/fi

Licensing update/Vote-header/fr

Licensing update/Vote-header/fy

Licensing update/Vote-header/gsw

Licensing update/Vote-header/hu

Licensing update/Vote-header/he

Licensing update/Vote-header/ia

Licensing update/Vote-header/id

Licensing update/Vote-header/it

Licensing update/Vote-header/ja

Licensing update/Vote-header/ko

Licensing update/Vote-header/nl

Licensing update/Vote-header/no

Licensing update/Vote-header/oc

Licensing update/Vote-header/pl

Licensing update/Vote-header/pt

pt-br edit

Licensing update/Vote-header/pt-br

Licensing update/Vote-header/ru

Licensing update/Vote-header/sah

Licensing update/Vote-header/sk

Licensing update/Vote-header/th

Licensing update/Vote-header/tr

Licensing update/Vote-header/vi

zh-hans edit

Licensing update/Vote-header/zh-hans

zh-hant edit

Licensing update/Vote-header/zh-hant