Licensing update/Timeline

Rough timeline to vote upon and possibly implement license update. Dates are rough.

The licensing update has been executed.
The results are available here. Please be aware that pages need to be updated to reflect the result and that some information may be obsolete. In the meantime, viewing the LU timeline might be helpful. Help with translations is of continuing appreciation.

Date Event
March 22, 2009 All relevant wiki pages finalized

CentralNotice text published for translation
Voting software and authentication setup begins

March 23, 2009 Translation effort of key pages and CentralNotice begins
April 7, 2009 Translations finalized, voting software and authentication software completed
April 12, 2009 Vote begins and is announced via CentralNotice
May 3, 2009 Vote is closed and votes are tallied
May 16, 2009 Result is shared by the license update committee with the Board of Trustees
May 21, 2009 The license update committee announces the results publicly
May 21, 2009 Resolution passed by Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
Date Event
Start of June, 2009 Any final revisions to the proposed terms are posted for comment. An initial proposal for procedures to deal with external content is released. A strategy for updating templates on affected media files is announced.
Late June, 2009 After any final modifications, site-wide copyright statements and terms of use are updated on all English language wikis. Translation guidelines are issued and translations are begun for all non-English wikis. Affected media files are migrated as per above.