Fundraising 2010/Lilaroja Appeal/be


  • Калі ласка, прачытайце:
  • Асабісты зварот
  • Ліларохі, адной з аўтараў Вікіпедыі
  • Паведамленне ад Ліларохі, адной з аўтараў Вікіпедыі

Долар, любоўная запіска і разбітае сэрца

З’яўляючыся валанцёрам Фонда “Вікімедыя” з Сан-Францыска, я чытаю шмат электронных паведамленняў і лістоў, які пасылаюць людзі ў час, калі мы распачалі кампанію па збору сродкаў.

Цяпер ты разумееш, што людзі не проста перадаюць свае грошы, яны дасылаюць сваю любоў. A child happily donating one dollar from his small weekly allowance. Another check with a simple post-it message saying I LOVE WIKIPEDIAAAAA!!! Sometimes, the messages are hard to read.

I’ll never forget hearing from a father and mother whose son had died after a rare illness. They gave out of gratitude that Wikipedia has an article to inform others about the existence of the disease that took their son’s life.

Wikipedia means a lot of different things to those of us who use it. Whatever your personal connection, you are part of a magical community. More than 400 million people use Wikipedia and its sister sites every month -- almost a third of the Internet-connected world.

This is the time of year when people all across the Wikipedia community come together to help sustain our joint enterprise with a donation of $20, €30, ¥4,000, or whatever they can to keep Wikipedia free.

The same way that we build Wikipedia one word at a time, we can keep it healthy and thriving one donation at a time.

I hope you’ll choose this as the moment to send Wikipedia some love.


Лілароха Аліва, Іспанія