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The #WPWP Campaign 2021 starts 1st July!

Please list your name, if you are interested in coordinating this contest in your Wikipedia project, by language, theme, and/or local community. Also please subscribe to our official mailing list.

Do you want to participate in #WPWPCampaign 2021? find your country in the list below. You can participate in the campaign for any country, not necessarily the country you live in. If your country is not on the list and you would like to organize the campaign in your community, please visit #WPWPCampaign organizer's guide. You're welcome to sign up below as a solo participant as well.

See the official list of assigned hashtags

Wikimedia affiliate communities

No. Username Community / affiliate Wikipedia language Country Hashtag
1 User:Tochiprecious Igbo Wikimedians User Group Igbo Niger #WPWPIG
2 User:Dyolf77 Wikimedia Tunisia UG Arabic, French, English Tunisia #WPWPTN
3 ToprakM Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey Turkish Turkey #WPWPTR
4 Constant Azogbonon Wikimédiens du Bénin User Group Français Benin #WPWPBJ
5 Nassima Chahboun Wiki World Heritage User Group UNESCO official languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese International #WWH
6 Aboubacarkhoraa Groupe d'utilisateurs de la communauté Wikimedia Guinée Conakry Français, peulh , Nko, Arabe Guinée #WPWPGN
7 Violetova GLAM Macedonia Macedonian Macedonia #WPWPMK
8 Anthere Wiki in Africa Français, English International #WLA
9 ToniSant Wikimedia Community Malta Maltese, English Malta #WPWPMT
10 M-Mustapha Hausa Wikimedians User Group Hausa Niger #WPWPHA
11 Kunokuno Central Bikol Wikipedia Community Central Bikol, Tagalog Cambodia #WPWPCB
12 Beko Wikimedia Armenia Armenian Armenia #WPWPARM
13 Kushared Kurdish Wikimedians User Group Kurdish International #WPWPKU
14 Liquet & DarwIn Portuguese Wikipedia Portuguese Portugal/Brazil #WPWPPT
15 Jadnapac Wikimedia Tanzania Swahili & English Tanzania #WPWPTZ
16 Swaralasika Telugu Wikipedia Telugu India #WPWPTE
17 MarvinBikolano Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group Bikol Sentral, Cebuano, Ilokano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, Tagalog, Waray, Zamboangueño Chavakano Cambodia #WPWPPH
18 CaliBen Wikimedia Community Arusha Swahili, English Tanzania #WPWPARK
19 Chafei07 Wikimedia Community User Group Mauritania Arabic, French, English #WPWPMU
20 Ola Mahadi Wikimedia Community User Group Sudan Arabic, English #WPWPSU
21 Cnyirahabihirwe123 Planning Wikimedia User Group Rwanda French, English, Kinyarwanda #WPWPRW
22 Yves Madika Wikimedians of Democratic Republic of Congo User Group French #WPWPDC
23 Bile Rene Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group French, English, Fufulbe #WPWPCM
24 M. Rafiul Bahar Rafi & Tanvir Rahman Wikimedia Bangladesh Bangla Bangladesh #WPWPBN
25 Erina Mukuta Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda English, Luganda #WPWPUG
26 Azniv Stepanian & Շահէն Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group Western Armenian #WPWPWAM
27 Ciell Papiamentu Wikipedia & community (en:Dutch Caribbean) Papiamentu #WPWPWGC
28 Matarimi1 Wikimedia Community User Group Tchad French #WPWPCH
29 Carlo Brescia Wikimedistas de Perú Spanish #WPWPPE
30 Frederick Noronha/FN Wikipedians of Goa User Group English Konkani Marathi Portuguese #WPWPGOA
31 Geertivp Wikimedia Belgium English, Français, Nederlands Belgium #WPWPBE
32 IvanaMadzarevic Wikimedia Serbia Serbian Serbia #WPWPSR
33 Rahmaddenas Minangkabau Wikipedia (Wikimedia Padang Community) Minangkabau Indonesia #WPWPMIN
34 Vyolltsa, Ritamaliqi Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group SQ-Albanian Albania, Kosovo #WPWPSQ
35 antanana (Wiki Loves Monuments Ukraine team) Ukrainian Wikipedia / Wikimedia Ukraine Ukrainian Ukraine #WPWPUK
36 A2613 Sundanese Wikipedia (Wikimedia Bandung Community) Sundanese Indonesia #WPWPSUN
37 Fernmother (Art+Feminism team) Art+Feminism / Art+Feminism User Group Various Languages International #WPWPAF
38 iyumu & growtw Wikimedia Taiwan Chinese, Atayal, Seediq (Taroko), Sakizaya Taiwan #WPWPTW
39 Luh Gede Krismayanti Balinese Wikipedia (Wikimedia Denpasar Community) Balinese Indonesia #WPWPBAN
40 KuboF Hromoslav Esperanto and Free Knowledge Esperanto Earth #WPWPEO
41 Kundewi, Sam Hidayat, Azkaaizar Javanese Wikipedia (Wikimedia Yogyakarta Community) Javanese Indonesia #WPWPJV
42 Reda Kerbouche Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group Tacawit, Takbaylit, French, Arabic, Russian Algeria #WPWPDZ
43 Ferdinand_IF99 Wikimedia Community User Group Burundi Kirundi Burundi #WPWPBI
44 Serine Ben Brahim Wikimedians of United Arab Emirates User Group Arabic and English United Arab Emirates #WPWPUAE
45 Maor X Wiki Cemeteries User Group Various languages International #WPWPWC
46 User:bachounda Wikimedia Algeria UG Arabic, French, English (for review)
47 User:Kaizenify Wikimedia Nigeria UG English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa #WPWPNG
48 User:Tinaral Whose Knowledge?/VisibleWikiWomen Various Languages International #WPWPVWW
49 User:Shanluan AfroCROWD Various Languages International (for review)
50 User:Shanluan Wikimedians of the Caribbean Various Languages International (for review)
51 User:Camelia.boban WikiDonne User Group Italian Italia #WPWPWD
52 Rebecca O'Neill Wikimedia Community Ireland English, Irish Ireland #WPWPIE
53 elicefa, Amanda Amalia Indonesian Wikipedia (Wikimedia Indonesia Community) Indonesian Indonesia (for review)
54 Mohamed Ouda Egypt Wikimedians User Group Arabic Egypt #WPWPEG
55 Mohammad Murtaza Zaidi Wikimedia Pakistan Urdu Pakistan #WPWPPK
56 Zapipedia Wikiesfera Spanish Spain #WPWPW
57 Donia Wikipedian Editor Project Arabic Arabic Speaking Countries #WPWPAR
58 Samat Hungarian Wikipedia / Wikimedia Hungary Hungarian Hungary #WPWPHU
59 Максим Стоялов Ukrainian WP український Ukraine #WPWPUK
60 Saad Ullah Bhatti Wikimedia Pakistan English, Urdu Pakistan (for review)

Solo participants


This section is also for individuals who are interested in organising the #WPWPCampaign in their local Wikipedia language or community. If you represent an existing user group or chapter, please add its name (as a wikilink to its page here in Meta), in the "affiliates community" table (above).

No. Username Wikipedia language Country (optional)
1 MaroBos Central Bikol, Tagalog Philippines
2 Sumasa Bengali, English, Assamese India
3 JamesMoore200 English Nigeria
4 Oyedepo Joshua English Nigeria
5 johnjoy12 English, Yoruba Wikimedia User Group Nigeria/Wikimedia Fan Club, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
6 Godstime Elijah English Ilorin Wikimedia Hub, Nigeria
7 Kasyap Telugu, English,Hindi India
8 Filipinayzd Rinconada Bikol (Incubator) Philippines
9 Nikhil Kawale English, Hindi Goa,India
10 Ptinphusmia English Wikimedia Hub, Owerri, Nigeria
11 MarvinBikolano Central Bikol, Tagalog, Rinconada Bikol Philippines
12 Durga Soren Santali India
13 Maffeth.opiana Central Bikol, Tagalog, Rinconada Bikol Philippines
14 Lordgentual English Nigeria
15 Sherlock808 Central Bikol, Tagalog Philippines
16 User:Nizil Shah All (primarily en, gu, hi) International
17 User:2dmaxo English Nigeria, International
18 User:Goutam1962 Hindi,English,Bengali and many more India
19 User: आर्या जोशी Hindi,Marathi India
20 User: Nayan j Nath All(primarily Assamese) India
21 JumadilM Indonesian, Malay, Buginese, and others Indonesia
22 Sumita Roy Dutta All India