Planning Wikimedia Community User Group Burundi

Planning Wikimedia Community User Group Burundi is a Planning user group of Wikimedia projects contributors who have been meeting in Bujumbura since September 2019 serving to extend the reach of Wikimedia activities in the country.

The aim of this group is to create awareness for Wikimedia and its projects and thus bring new volunteers on board, and help them to understand the benefits of Wikimedia in our country. We will then edit and add contents to Wikimedia projects in Kirundi (national language), French and English.


  1. Represent the Wikimedia Foundation to the community of wikimedia Burundi contributors.
  2. Promote wikimedia projects and free content in general, and encourage the use of wikimedia resources in education and in the promotion of Burundian culture in Kirundi, French and English.
  3. Recruit and train people interested in joining and participating in wikimedia projects in Burundi.
  4. Organize Conventions, Conferences, meetings, workshops and competitions in Bujumbura and other provinces of Burundi related to the collection and sharing of free knowledge.
  5. Encourage the participation of women and train them in order to reduce the gap between men and women on the Internet, so that there is equal space for sharing free knowledge.
  6. Strengthen the culture of writing and reading among Burundian youth and the community.

Proposed Activities





The WPWP Campaign


Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos (WPWP) Burundi is an annual campaign where Wikipedia editors across Burundi will utilize the collected/uploaded photos in the previous photo contest such as Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Folklore, Wiki Loves Earth etc, and use them on the Wikipedia pages that lack images.

Timeline: The WPWP Campaign is annual.

  • Start for entries: 15 th July 2021 00:01 (UTC)
  • Deadline for entries: 31st August 2021 23:59 (UTC)

  • Organizing workshops to train Burundians on how they can contribute to Wikimedia projects.
  • Creating partners to extend the course of Wikimedia in Burundi.
  • Recruiting volunteers mostly in lecturer clubs of some high schools.

Awareness and Edit-a-thon 2021


The aim of the this project is to create awareness of Wikimedia Projects to Burundi universities and lycee institutions, train them on how to contribute especially to Kirundi Wikipedia, and other Wikimedia projects, to also bring volunteers together to help contribute to digitize /increase the number of Articles on the Kirundi Wikipedia Language Platform through translations and creation of Articles.

Timeline: The Awareness and Edit-a-thon.

  • Start for entries: 18th October 2021 00:01 (UTC)
  • Deadline for entries: 30st November 2021 23:59 (UTC)

2022 Activities & Projects


February until August 2022


Wiki Loves Africa 2022 in Burundi

In 2022, members of the Planning Wikimedia community in Burundi attended to the activities of the international contest Wiki Loves Africa during which photos relating to the theme of the year “Home and Habitat” were shared on Wikimedia Commons.

June 1st to July 30th 2022


Wiki Loves Earth 2022 in Burundi

Burundi participated for the first time in the International photo contest Wiki Loves Earth 2022.



GUHUBURA 2022is a name RUNDI which means in english "correction". Given that on the wikipedia we wrote information freely and that even those who do not really know the information of BURUNDI, this project was consist in seeing the information which is badly written, the information which is not up to date and the other fotes which are committed by those who do not know the KIRUNDI language and we will correct them.



The EA strategy summit held in Kampala in September 2019 gathered volunteers all over the EA community on based of Wikimedia movement vision 2030.

From that we get to know each other and work together as Burundians to make in place the movement of Wikimedia in Burundi and try to achieve the Wikimedia vision 2030.


Active Members

  1. Zamennest
  3. Steve Uwimana
  4. Ntahonsigaye
  5. Grâce Aurore
  6. Claudeni5
  7. FA.Ralca
  8. Fiston irangabiye
  9. Gilbert Ndihokubwayo
  10. Ferdinand IF99
  11. Alain fortuné14
  12. Danlie
  13. KUBWIMANA Bienvenu
  14. Fiston irangabiye
  15. Gashi.bdi
  16. Edouard mhg
  17. Abkev
  18. Iduteyiteka47
  19. Habonimana Simeon
  20. NZISABIRA Léopold
  21. IRAKOZE Juliette
  22. Ntakirutimana Pascal
  23. Ndayikeza Edouard503
  24. Kibengado
  25. John Busokoza
  26. Didace 1
  27. Montheha
  28. NIYUHIRE Octavie
  29. Lévy Strong



If you want to Join us, Use this link to request to join our user group WhatsApp group

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  2. Ferdinand IF99 (talk)
  3. Favina Ghislain
  4. Rodrigue Nibigira
  5. Ella Mahoro
  6. Alain fortuné Remesha
  7. Richard Nininahazwe
  8. Steve Uwimana
  9. jean Claude Ninziza
  11. Danlie
  12. KUBWIMANA Bienvenu
  13. Divin Nkurunziza
  14. Fiston irangabiye
  15. Gashi.bdi
  16. Edo257
  17. Habonimana Simeon
  18. Abkev
  19. Iduteyiteka47
  20. Rachel Manirakiza
  21. Ntahonsigaye
  22. NZISABIRA Léopold
  23. IRAKOZE Juliette
  24. Ntakirutimana Pascal
  25. Elodi
  26. Zamennest
  27. Ndayikeza Edouard503
  28. FA.Ralca
  29. Decli4
  30. jordamie