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LocationFlag of Sudan.svg Sudan
Country codeSUD
Approval date24 June 2020
Official language(s)Sudanese Arabic, English,
Other language(s)Standard Arabic

Welcome To

Wikimedia Sudan User Group

Who we are?

Wikimedia Sudan User Group   is a group of Sudanese living in Sudan and in the diaspora working to help bridge the content gaps about Sudan (and broadly Africa) on the web through the largest online Encyclopedia, Wikipedia and its sister projects as well as other open projects that allow sharing and accessibility of free knowledge. The group is leading global campaigns to help increase contents about Sudan and to change the current narrative of Sudanese being just consumers of knowledge to a new generation of knowledge/content producers.


The community will represent and extend projects of the Wikimedia Foundation through awareness drives, global campaigns, training others to contribute to the wikis and creating opportunities and networking with partners to curate Sudanese content. We emphasize on global initiatives because the basic concept behind Wikipedia is global access and the issues of Sudan are relevant not just for people in Sudan holding Sudanese nationality but for everyone who cares about global issues particularly in this era where the world is globally connected.


  • Lead the creation and curation of content about Sudan
  • Creation of partnership with GLAM institutions to ensure maximum coverage of information from Sudan
  • Train and recruit volunteers for the agenda of contributing to Wikimedia Projects
  • Acting in the best interest of the Wikimedia movement in local initiatives and projects
  • Educating the masses on the need for storytelling and content creation by our people
  • Building the capacity of the youth on information and digital literacy skills


The community is working on two levels based on our plan for 2020 Even though the community is just being established we think that the opportunity is there to help the community reach out to many partners who have common ground of improving rejection of Sudan Image and make more information about the country available. For 2020 the Wikimedia Sudan community will represent and extend projects of the Wikimedia Foundation through awareness drives, global campaigns, training others to contribute to the wikis and creating opportunities and networking with partners to curate Sudanese content. We emphasize global initiatives because the basic concept behind Wikipedia is global access and the issues of Sudan are relevant not just for people in Sudan holding Sudanese nationality but for everyone who cares about global issues particularly in this era where the world is globally connected. For the coming 8 months we will be focusing on three main pillars but this does not mean that those will be the sole focus of the community as these projects are interlinked. Another cross cutting issue will be the issue of:

  • Access to the internet
  • Open source concepts,
  • Digitization and freedom of panorama in Sudan.

We will be working also on

  • Networking and Wikimedia Sudan Community building
  • Capacity Building for (users and focal points)
  • Content Improving mainly (Wikipedia both Arabic and English, Wiki commons, Wiki data)

Current projects

1.1 Wiki Gap 2.0 March 2020 The group is Organising a second editing and content creation focused on increasing content around gender gap in Sudan 1st March- 31 March 2020 in two states of Sudan (Khartoum , Nyala). We are implementing this with the support of Swedish Embassy in Khartoum and in partnership with Gesr Center for Development, Khartoum University, Nyala University, Impact Hub Khartoum, Ref Digital Lab. This is the second WikiGap event in Sudan, the first in 2018 organized by Swedish Embassy too. The campaign is running under the Hashtag #wikigapsudan2020. Benefits

  • Engage new audiences and partners (new users total of 24 ppl)
  • Create content on gender related issues and reduce content gap on Sudan
  • Engage the community and recruit new people
  • Announce or establish the presence of Wikimedia Sudan community

1.2 Wiki Gap 2.0 Closing Ceremony ( this has been canceled due to the health concerning COVID-19) Objective

  • Highlight the improvement in Wikipedia content in relation to gender
  • Identify the potential solutions among existing partners and assign roles

1.3 Wiki Loves Africa For the first Time in Sudan Wikimedia Community with the support of the Swedish Embassy in Khartoum is Organizing the 6th Wiki Loves Africa 2020 under the theme Transportation Africa on the Move. The organizing included Two basic training for photographer Lancing event in two location Date: 15 February - 15th April

Who can Join?

All who feel welcomed to the agenda of Sudan and the reduction of the content gap that exist about the country. Sudanese living in Sudan, in the diaspora and anyone who feels connected to the agenda. All are welcome to Wikimedia Sudan, a place where Sudanese content is created and curated by Sudanese people!

Current Members

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Wikimedia Sudan Community Structure

For the purpose of organizing the community and ensuring a structured way of getting things done. We will be employing a flat organisational structure with role allotments to ensure responsibility for each aspect of the work that has to be done towards organizing. We will also employ a flat hierarchy to ensure that decisions are made in a participatory manner.

  • Community Manager/Program Officer - Maram Ali
  • Resource and Finance Officer - Esam eldeen Idres
  • Events Officer - Fatima Mohammed
  • Communication Officer - Ola Mahadi
  • Partnership and Networking Officer - Hassan Hasson

Contact us

You can reach our community on sd.wikimedia, Facebook Twitter Instagram

Upcoming Projects

1. Networking and Community Building 1.1 Wikimedia Sudan Town Hall Meeting A semi-annual meeting to discuss different community interventions, talk about community issues, listen to views of the community, celebrate achievements and awarding of community members, review the work done so far, review community objectives, etc. The community will hold such informal meetings to bring together people who are interested in Wikimedia Sudan's Activities and want to be involved. The first of such meetings is scheduled for June 2020. Some main partners that could be interested in our activities include but not limited to GESR Center, Impact Hub, Ahfad university, Development Studies and Research Institute (DSRI), and other identified potential partners. Agenda

  • Highlight the train the trainers session for different Sudan regions as the contents about Sudan is of different level in each region
  • Plans for 2021 Wikimedia activities in Sudan (1lib1ref 2021, Editathons, WikiGap, etc.)
  • A short session on why we need to contributors to Wikimedia (decolonizing the internet)
  • Closing

1.2 WikiGames (2 events for 2020) This event is intended to introduce Wikimedia to the Community in an easy and fun way. We want to create an atmosphere that embeds Wikimedia into the everyday life of our community, and games seem to be a part of that. This will be a useful strategy to onboard newbies, engage the current community in a fun way and alsol provide an augmented narrative about our group which may interest groups with interests in games and other different groups (such as schools, youth clubs, etc.) to associate with the community. The gaming event will utilize current games (Wikidata Game, Wikigapfinder, ISA & Citation Hunt Tool) within the movement that also lead to improving content in a less stressful way. We believe these are good onboarding tools and tools for community engagement and retention. We also look within Sudan and try to work with gaming companies to develop unique games on Wikipedia for our community.

Possible partners

  • Sudanese Gaming Companies
  • Application development community
  • Adult/Kids entertainment centers

1.3 Wikipedia for Democracy ( new Sudan after December revaluation walk towards Democracy) Wikimedia Sudan Community is planning to organize a forum themed "Wikipedia for Democracy". The event will open up a discussion with the media and key political stakeholders on covering the new Sudan and its progress on Wikipedia. The media will be educated in their role in ensuring the right and accurate information is captured about the country. We believe this project will make available access to information about Sudan and create visibility and representation about the country on the web.

1.4 Sudan Media Forum (Media + Photographers) Based on different conversations with Sudanese media personalities about the current context of the new state being structured, it is important to meet key stakeholders of the new and old media space (TV, Radio, Photography, Videography, Vloggers, etc.) to lead discussions around obsolete policies that need changing to ensure representation and visibility of the country. One of such issues is the restrictions on copyright (FOP prohibition) in our current law, now is a good time to address these issues. Especially just after a revolution where the government is actively listening to the citizens, collaborating with such major stakeholders could stir conversations in the right direction.

2. Capacity Building & Content Creation 2.1 Monthly Editathons (At least 4 sessions in 2020) As the community is trying to increase the number of users and contributors of Wikimedia projects the editathon will be a good way to attract more individuals from different backgrounds to meet the community members and have access to hands on training. The events will be regularly organized on the second Saturday of the month. This editathon will be based on monthly selected themes to ensure focus and more support for community members (members of state, culture, history, tourism, revolution, etc.)


  • To ensure a sense of community
  • To enhance and produce content about Sudan
  • To help community networking and collaboration
  • To provide in-person support to solving some community capacity issues

Benefits to community

  • More regular content creation
  • An opportunity to train new members
  • Frequent meet ups create a sense of community and commitment
  • An opportunity to refresh old members or progress with advanced topics

2.2 TOT Sudan

To be able to establish the community on a national level we are planning to identify and establish focal points (nodes or hubs) in 5 major regions to ensure activities are just not Khartoum (the capital ) and Nayla based but closer to anyone with an interest.

This will be a 5 days TOT (training of trainers session) in Khartoum organised to educate and inform our leaders in the selected regions.

2.3 1Lib1Ref May 2020 May 15 - June 5

The Sudan Community will be participating in the global campaign to add references to improve the quality of articles that exist about a topic relating to Sudan or Africa in general. Objective

  • An easy way to engage the community
  • Increase the quality of Sudanese content
  • Engage or recruit librarians or writers for the community
  • Recruit new members through the campaign’s easy to participate module
  • An opportunity to reach out to more librarians through the campaigns massive online network

2.4 Wiki Loves Sudan (WLS)

Wikimedia Sudan is planning to launch a Wiki loves Sudan, a photography contest which will be focusing on the projection of New Sudan after the December peaceful revolution. The contest is to be organized to focus on the People, Tradition and Values in the new Sudan. Objective

  • To help upload more content about Sudan
  • To improve articles on Wikipedia with visual content
  • To help document the cultural, historical and indigenous activities of the Sudanese people
  • To help increase Sudanese participation in content creation on Wikipedia (recruit members to Wikimedia Sudan Community)

Basic Campaign information

  • Time: October- November 2020.
  • Forms of upload: photos, videos and audios.
  • Hashtag: to be agreed upon later

2.5 Wiki Love Earth Sudan Wikimedia is planning to locally participate in the 8th round of the Wiki Loves Earth 2020 campaign. Its a photo contest where participants take pictures of local natural heritage in their countries and upload them to Wikimedia Commons, and to be used on other sister projects.

Proposed Date: 1st May to 31st June 2020 Italic text

2.6 Sudan Education Mapathon Sudan Wikimedia Community is drafting a plan of action for extensively covering on Wikipedia the education landscape of Sudan. It will as part of this project initiate the Wikimedia Education program while also implementing Kiwix as an offline solution to deprived schools. Students are among the most knowledgeable section of our target audience. The main goal is to try to touch on all sectors of education and create visibility for education in Sudan.

Planned projects for Education in 2020

  • Offline Wikipedia Kiwix - Provide offline Wikimedia and educational resources
  • Open Street Map ( OSM) - Mapping out the schools locations and coordinates to be utilized on Wikipedia
  • Organised info sessions while at these schools

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