Wikimania 2022/Scholarships/sudan community user group

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Wikimedia Sudan User Group
Recorded video will be produced, to generally show the Sudanese cultural diversity in history, tribes, nature and habits, the video also will contain the user group past activities, also the 4 Days of the conference streaming, the new and acting members of the community will be gathering, the virtual conference sessions and the training workshops will be showed in a projector, edit-a-thon sessions will take place, entertainment also will be present
start date20th July
start year2022
end date26th August
end year2022
budget (local currency)2,337,000 SD
budget (USD)4100$
typeuser group
nonprofitNot organization
granteeMaram ali ahmed
Wikimedia Affiliate• Wikimedia Sudan User Group
website (if applicable)• NA

Project Plan




What Wikimedia movement affiliate do you represent?

  • Wikimedia Sudan user group

How will the funding requested support your community’s participation at Wikimania?
Please review following eligible activities and expenses below, and write below any that will be included in your activities.

  • Childcare services (or similar family services) to support Wikimania participation
  • Data packages to distribute to Wikimania participants
  • Administrative or operational costs for to distribute funds to community members, such as transfer fees
  • Small hardware expenses to support access (such as webcams, microphones, head/earphones)
    Note: Requests for computers, laptops, tablets, and other personal devices are not eligible.
  • Translation services for a Wikimania session
  • Video production support for pre-recorded Wikimania sessions (such as equipment or space)
  • In-person meetups that coincide with Wikimania activities (food, beverage, meeting space)
  • Printed artwork, conference swag/merchandise for event participants
  • the community gathering that we are applying to have will help to build connections between members that they rarely met,they will feel physically belong to the wikimedia community,let them share their experiences, and motivate each other for ideas and activities that will keep their rhythm stay alive

If you are planning to distribute funds to community members, such as by running a local scholarship program, please provide additional detail on how you will organize this process.
Please provide a summary explaining the following:

  • how you will invite community members to apply for funding,'some of the members had 2 physical and 3 online meetings and to discuss the wikimania activity they would like to participate with '
  • the criteria you will use to determine eligibility, and
  • the processes or services you will use to distribute funds.

This description does not need to be comprehensive, but should generally explain the process for how community members will receive funds or support to participate in Wikimania. For support on eligibility criteria, feel free to review this reviewer's guide for previous Wikimania scholarship programs.'t'
If you are not distributing funds to community members, please write N/A below.'NA'

  • the community will revise fund eligibility criteria from the listed eligible activities and review the wikimania scholar guide
  • funds will be distributed to the tasks and activities to be held each specific activity per the number of participants per action
  • The wikimedia user group will receive the fund through the member |Ola.mahadi who is located in Egypt because sending money to sudan is quite difficult



Please provide a range or estimate for the number of participants the funding will support.
It is OK if this is estimate is based on limited information, but we want to have an idea of how your activities will support community participation in Wikimania. Some examples:

  • 3-5 participants will receive childcare support to support their participation at Wikimania.
  • 10 participants will receive hardware support
  • 10-20 participants will receive data packages to support their participation at Wikimania
  • the funded events that are supposed to serve for different items, and the event that will be held is expected to have 30 participants
  • the hardware requested supposed to be shared (internet router, volume speaker, webcam and microphones
  • Data packages also will be for the routers
  • one travel cost will be paid for a participant from other state to help in organizing the sessions



How you will use the funds you are requesting? Please use the following categories for your expense s. Don’t forget to include a total amount, and update this amount in the Probox at the top of your page too!

  • Childcare services (or similar family services)
  • Data packages to distribute to Wikimania participants
    In addition to a total budget, please indicate the average data cost per person who will receive funds for this need.
  • Administrative or operational costs for distributing funds
  • Small hardware expenses to support access
  • Translation services for a Wikimania session
  • Video production support
  • Wikimania meetups and watch parties during the days of the event
  • Printed artwork, conference swag/merchandise for event participants
  • 4 days hall renting (with projector) = 150$*4 = 600$
  • documentation, stationary and banner = 150$
  • Catering for 30 participants = 30 * 10 * 4 = 1200$
  • video production and montage = 300 $
  • internet for streaming and video conference 4 days = 50 * 4 = 200 $
  • hardware(microphone 100$, speaker 100$, router 100$, webcam 50$)=350$
  • travel cost for wikimedia member from other state = 400$
  • transportation and administrative charge organizers = 300 $
  • safety kits = 50*4 = 200$
  • printing 35 t-shirts, pens, mugs and buttons = 400$

total budget = 4100$

Completing your application


Once you have completed the application, please do the following:

  • Change the application status from status=draft to status=proposed in the {{Probox}} template.
  • Contact wikimania to confirm your submission, as well as to request any support around your application.