Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017/Ambassadors

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Become an ambassador!


The ambassador role is suitable for Wikimedians who believe that diversity is a source of inspiration and motivation to advance the mission of free knowledge. Ambassadors enable diverse participation, which is a vital piece in putting this together.

Who should become an ambassador?

Anyone who accepts and understands that privilege exists both in Wikimedia and in the outside world and proactively takes measures to counter systemic bias & encourage diversity of participation are welcome to join the conference team as ambassadors.

  • Active participation as an ambassador will support a scholarship application.

Ambassadors are champions of Diversity on Wikimedia projects and volunteer to use that power to support the conference in several ways. 

Support before the conference.

Ambassadors help communicate to local communities about the conference and provide updates of the planning process, such as when to register and how to apply for scholarship and why submit a proposal. The other way is to provide constructive input and ideas for the program and for the overall event. Ambassadors can also organize discussions at other conferences that takes place prior to the Diversity conference.

Support during the conference.

Ambassadors can also volunteer their champion powers during the conference to support documentation and curation of discussions and insights, facilitate the implementation of the program with the facilitation team, support participants with helpful advice and on-site information.

Support after the conference.

Ambassadors help disseminate the knowledge gained during the conference to their communities and actively participate in networks for continued engagement in the intersection of Wikimedia and Diversity.

Ambassadors (add yourself)


Please note this list is left as documentation. If you'd like to sign up now, please do so on here.

Become a Volunteer!


If you want to help during the conference you can do that as a volunteer.