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Wiki Loves Africa 2020 – Africa on the Move! or Transportation
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It should be noted that Wiki Loves Africa runs in EVERY African country (and beyond !). In some countries, there is a wikipedian team willing to hosts event and activities. If that's your case, please add your country below. But if your country is not listed here and you still want to participate to Wiki Loves Africa and submit pictures, please go ahead !

Visit here for information on how to set up a local judging process and what it involves.

Participating countries in 2020Edit

If you intend to host specific events, lead local actions and you know for sure that you'll be able to participate IN 2020 please list your chapter, your user group, or your name+country below.

Link to rapid grant portal :

Non-country group participationEdit

Announcement listEdit

For wikimedians to receive news on their meta talk page : Wiki Loves Africa/Recipients. Please feel free to add your name...