Wiki Loves Africa/Recipients

If you are involved in the organisation of Wiki Loves Africa and interested to receive news and announcements related to WLA on your talk page, please add your name below in the following format : # {{#target:User talk:Your User Name Here}}


  1. User talk:Anthere
  2. User talk:Amuzujoe
  3. User talk:Aboubacarkhoraa
  4. User talk:Icem4k
  5. User talk:Marajozkee
  6. User talk:Rachad sanoussi
  7. User talk:Ndahiro derrick
  8. User talk:Rachidourkia
  9. User talk:ola.mahadi
  10. User talk:Jadnapac
  11. User talk:Don VN
  12. User talk:MadameCJ
  13. User talk:Fawaz.tairou
  14. User talk:kanette2022
  15. User talk:Kitanago
  16. User talk:Habobe2020
  17. User talk:Adesolive