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Politikker og retningslinjer Meta:Tjekbrugere (information page)

This pages provides information about CheckUsers on this Meta-Wiki. For the policy, see CheckUser policy .


Users with access to the checkuser tool (called checkusers) are community-appointed individuals who can access restricted technical information about users in a set of limited circumstances outlined in the CheckUser policy . In particular, the tool is to be used to fight vandalism, to check for multiple accounts abuse, and to limit disruption of the project. It must be used only to prevent damage to the project. The tool must not be used for political control; to apply pressure on editors; or as a threat against another editor in a content dispute. There must be a valid reason to check a user. Note that alternative accounts are not forbidden, so long as they are not used in violation of the policies (for example, to double-vote or to increase the apparent support for any given position).


Meta-Wiki candidates are appointed by community vote at Meta:Requests for adminship. Users willing to apply for checkuser user rights have to be at least 18 years old, and also be of legal age according to the law of their country of residence. Candidates must be familiar with the CheckUser policy , the privacy policy , the terms of use and the access to nonpublic information policy , and be willing to respect and abide them. Upon election, successful candidates will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information , before permissions can be activated on their accounts.

For an election to be successful, the candidate must achieve a percentage of support of at least 70-80% in a pro/con individual vote, with at least 25 supporting votes. Election pages will be open for at least one full week before they may be closed. In borderline cases, bureaucrats can extend the vote to allow for the consensus to become clear.

Anmodninger om tjekbruger information for denne Meta-Wiki

Requests for checkuser information on this wiki can be lodged at Meta:Requests for CheckUser information.

Brugere med tjekbruger adgang


Følgende brugere har på nuværende tidspunkt tjekbruger adgang på denne wiki:


Følgende brugere har tidligere haft Tjekbruger adgang på denne wiki:



User:XaosfluxUser:MinoraxUser:HasleyUser:VermontUser:SotialeUser:AjraddatzUser:TelesUser:TrijnstelUser:VituzzuUser:BillinghurstUser:BarrasUser:TiptoetyUser:MardetanhaUser:MarcoAurelioUser:Mike.lifeguardUser:Magister MathematicaeUser:SpacebirdyUser:HerbythymeUser:LarUser:Pathoschild

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