Fundraising 2007/Video with Jimmy subtitles/Translations

Note: It is not easy to update these translations, so they should be triple-checked before being marked as "ready" for publishing.

This is a closed translation request.

Translation notes Edit

  • Original is the English version situated at Fundraising 2007/Video with Jimmy subtitles/Translations/source
  • Add a link to your language page under the right letter in the form of: *xx ([[Fundraising 2007/Video with Jimmy subtitles/Translations/xx]]) where xx is the code of your language.
  • Please, when possible (Latin Scripts) DO NOT TRANSLATE "Wikimedia Foundation" (and especially the word "Foundation") into your language.
    • Note that neither of the terms appears in the text. "wikimedia" only appears as a link. Hillgentleman 17:53, 25 October 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]