Fundraising 2008/design drafts

This page is for discussion of the media and content for the 2008 Annual Fundraiser.

Feel free to comment and suggest whatever ideas you have. Comments are appreciated. While we will not be making major changes, we certainly want to see your ideas and suggestions.

The fundraiser is slated to soft start on in early November and run through January 9th, 2009.

All site notices will have a hide/show option; when hidden, a user will have the Short Notice.

We will be updating with more designs as they become available.

Rand Montoya 01:30, 22 October 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Drafted Site Notices: edit

Phase 2 edit

Wiki Quote edit

Draft Wiki Quote Site Notice

Wiki Cloud edit

Draft Cloud Site Notice

Wiki Seesaw edit

Draft Wiki Seesaw Site Notice

Wiki Why edit

Draft Why Site Notice

Wiki Help edit

Draft Wiki Help Site Notice

Phase 1 edit

Educational Site Notice 1 edit

Draft Educational Notice 1

Educational Site Notice 2 edit

Draft Educational Notice 2

Marketing Site Notice 1 edit

Draft Marketing Notice 1

Marketing Site Notice 2 edit

Draft Marketing Notice 2

Short Site Notice 1 edit

Shortened Site Notice

Drafted Main Pages: edit

Landing Page 2008 edit

Landing Page

Donation Page 2008 edit

Donation Page

Thank you page with Buttons edit

Thank you page with buttons