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The Wikimedia Foundation is grateful for every donation made to the project, be it time, money or hardware. This page is dedicated to some of the larger donations made by companies and individuals since December 2006 which help to sustain the projects of Wikimedia. The Wikimedia Foundation does not necessarily endorse the activities of its Benefactors. Other donors chose to support our annual conference, Wikimania.

While only a select number of donors are listed on this page, every donation to the Wikimedia Foundation helps enrich the quality of our projects.

Note: All figures are in $US

Current donors (July 1st, 2008 - June 31st, 2009) edit

Major benefactors ($50,000 or more) edit

  • We are very thankful for the generosity of Arcadia, a grant-making fund based in the United Kingdom. Arcadia donated $177,376 (£100,000) to the Wikimedia Foundation via the Charities Aid Foundation in September 2008. These general-use funds have been donated by Arcadia "to help with Wikipedia's costs, in recognition of its remarkable achievement in diffusing knowledge and facilitating access to it on a worldwide basis."
  • We appreciate the generosity of the Stanton Foundation, which has donated $262,000 to support the purchase of database servers, application servers, network equipment and other hardware. The Stanton Foundation is a private foundation created to further philanthropic goals set by the late Dr. Frank Stanton. This grant was made in July 2008.

Patrons ($15,000 to $49,999) edit

Mr. Ron Unz (September 2008)

Leading donors ($5000 to $14,999) edit

Mitchell Kapor Foundation (October 2008)
Anonymous (October 2008)
Anonymous (October 2008)
Anonymous (September 2008)
Jonathan Starr (September 2008)

Sustaining donors ($1000 to $4999) edit

Derek Sivers (October 2008)
Anonymous (October 2008)
Anonymous (October 2008)
Anonymous (October 2008)
Best Buy Children's Foundation Tag Team Awards
Anonymous (September 2008)
Anonymous (September 2008)
Anonymous (August 2008)
Anonymous (August 2008)
Anonymous (July 2008)
Anonymous (July 2008)
Anonymous (July 2008)
Anonymous (July 2008)

Past Donors edit

Major benefactors ($50,000 or more) edit

  • On March 25, 2008, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation announced an annual donation of $1 million for three years. They stated that "Wikipedia represents a quantum leap in collecting human knowledge from diverse sources, organizing it without commercial or other bias, and making it freely available to people everywhere." (Press release)
  • On March 24, 2008, Vinod and Neeru Khosla announced a $500,000 donation to the Wikimedia Foundation, calling Wikipedia "a valuable global education resource." (Press release)
  • Special thanks to a friend of the Wikimedia Foundation, who has made a matching donation of $286,000 in stocks, and who has chosen to remain anonymous. (December 2006)
  • We are grateful for the ongoing support of Alan Bauer, who has generously given a total of $145,000 to the Wikimedia Foundation since 2006, including a gift of $125,000 made in May 2008.
  • A generous donation of $100,000 was made to the Wikimedia Foundation by Stephen J. Luczo, Chairman of the Board of Seagate Technology in March 2007.
  • The Virgin Foundation, operating under the working name of Virgin Unite, is the charitable arm of Virgin Group. The "Virgin Unite" campaign was launched in 2004. The Wikimedia Foundation would like to thank Virgin Unite for its generosity in matching donations during this fundraiser. (December 2006)
  • Two Sigma Investments LLC gave two $25,000 donations in 2006 and 2007.

Patrons ($15,000 to $49,999) edit

Jeff Moe (en.wikipedia user jebba) (2003 - July 2008)
$29,750 (in multiple donations)
Two Sigma Investments LLC (December 2006)
Anonymous (November 2007)
Philip Greenspun (August 2007)
restricted to the creation of illustrations (see more about the project and the related Board resolution)
Burt and Diana Cutler Family Foundation (December 2006, November 2007)
$15,000 (from two donations)
John and Frances Beck (September 2007)
Richard E Merit (September 2007)
Community Foundation Silicon Valley, Nicholas Palvesky fund (January 2007)

Leading donors ($5000 to $14,999) edit

Crown Clothing Corporation, in honor of Mr. Jim Branam (December 2007, May 2008)
$10,000 (two donations of $5,000)
The Sims/Mae's Foundation, Inc (December 2006, December 2007)
$10,000 (two donations of $5,000), a.s. (May 2006)
Graphics Press, LLC (December 2006, December 2007)
$10,000 (two donations of $5,000)
Michael Minor (November 2007)
Select Equity Group Foundation (April 2007)
Craigslist, Inc. (December 2006)
Mr. William Richley, P.A. (December 2006)
The Zephyr Charitable Foundation, Inc (December 2006)

Sustaining donors ($1000 to $4999) edit

Skinner Fund (May 2008)
Christopher Ruddy (December 2007, May 2008)
Donald and Jill Knuth (April 2008)
Gail O'Brien (March 2008)
Fabio Rossello (March 2008)
Kevin Klinekole (February 2008)
Michael Webb (January 2008)
Charles Tilford (December 2007)
Kaz Foundation for Social Advancement (December 2007)
Frank Rothacker (December 2007)
Titicomb Foundation (December 2007)
M. Amy Batchelor (December 2007)
Gary Steinmetz (December 2007)
Robert D Hall & Ana F Barreto (December 2007)
Brooke Burgess, Ubermind, Inc. (December 2007)
RuthAnn Harnisch (December 2007)
Joseph Goodman (December 2007)
Francis Hogle (December 2006, December 2007)
Lawrence Lessig (December 2006, December 2007)
Ross Mayfield, Socialtext (December 2006, December 2007)
Dahms (November 2007)
John Dash (November 2007)
Steven Dauber (November 2007)
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Weston (November 2007)
National Philanthropic Trust (November 2007)
Max Pucher (November 2007)
Alex Poon (November 2007)
Max Levchin (November 2007)
Robert Keeley (November 2007)
Andrew MacMillan (November 2007)
Bill Liao (November 2007)
Joichi Ito (July 2007, August 2007, October 2007)
Tyko Strassen (October 2007)
David M. Grubb (October 2007)
Stanley Eisenberg (October 2007)
The Biegelesen Foundation (September 2007)
Jill Efting (August 2007)
Nitin Agarwal, Misk (July 2007)
Konstanty Martyniuk (June 2007)
Duc Vu (June 2007)
For Sale By Owner (June 2007)
Alla Kapralova (May 2007)
Royce Family Foundation (May 2007)
Viaden-Media (May 2007)
Elecia White (May 2007)
Coutts and Co (April 2007)
Michael Tardy (April 2007)
Jan Pedersen (March 2007)
Ms Elaine B Fortowsky (September 2006, February 2007)
Greater Bay Trust Company (February 2007)
Andreas Maladinski (February 2007)
Takao Nakamura (February 2007)
Peter Flamini (January 2007)
Bennett Lewis (January 2007)
Lyons (Januray 2007)
Wikia, Inc. (January 2007)
John Baldridge (December 2006)
Andrew Bloch (December 2006)
Bridgewater Associates, Inc (December 2006)
David Bydeley (December 2006)
Michael E Chastain (December 2006)
Eamon Daly (December 2006)
John Eckstein (December 2006)
Gary Frisch (December 2006)
Mr Dominic J Froio (December 2006)
Hitz Foundation (December 2006)
Lawler (December 2006)
Elon Musk (December 2006)
Garry Osgood (December 2006)
Pickar Family Foundation (December 2006)
Harrity Snyder, LLP (December 2006)
Michael Webb (December 2006)
Ali Webster (December 2006)

Equipment and Services edit

Kennisnet (May 2005 - today)
Hosting capacity for Wikimedia projects in Amsterdam. (PR: EN, NL)
Yahoo! (7 April 2005 - today)
Hosting capacity for Wikimedia projects in Yahoo's Asian facilities. Wikipedia content integrated into French-language Yahoo Search shortcuts as a test project. (PR: FR, EN)
The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) (November 2007 - today)
A free Gigabit Ethernet port for peering in Amsterdam.
Logical Solutions (October 2004)
Donated a Sentinel32 32-port secure console server and RJ45 to DB9 adapters.