منتظم داروڳا (اسٽيورڊ)

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سنڀاليندڙ صارفين جو هڪ عالمي گروپ آهي جنهن کي وڪي انٽرفيس تائين مڪمل پهچ آهي سڀني عوامي وڪي ميڊيا وڪيز تي. انهن وٽ ٽيڪنيڪل صلاحيت آهي سڀني مقامي ۽ عالمي صارفين جي حقن کي تبديل ڪرڻ، عالمي اڪائونٽس جي اسٽيٽس ۽ نالو کي تبديل ڪرڻ، ۽ منتظمين ۽ بيوروڪريٽس وٽ موجود ڪنهن به اجازتن تائين رسائي حاصل ڪرڻ. محافظ حقن جو استعمال پاليسي طرفان محدود آهي؛ سنڀاليندڙ انهن جي ٽيڪنيڪل رسائي استعمال نه ڪندا جڏهن اتي مقامي استعمال ڪندڙ آهن جيڪي ان رسائي کي استعمال ڪري سگهن ٿا، سواءِ هنگامي حالتن جي. اهو انهن کي ڪنهن مقامي منتظم يا بيوروڪريٽس کان سواءِ منصوبن تي منتظمين ۽ بيوروڪريٽس طور ڪم ڪرڻ جي قابل بڻائي ٿو.

For stewards

عالمي وڪيميڊيا ڪميونٽي طرفان اسٽيوارڊز کي جنوري ۽ فيبروري جي وچ ۾ ٿيندڙ سالانه اسٽيوارڊ چونڊن ذريعي چونڊيو ويندو آهي. سنڀاليندڙ رضاڪار آهن، مطلب ته اهي وڪي ميڊيا فائونڊيشن لاءِ ڪم نٿا ڪن. سنڀاليندڙ به ثالث يا ثالث نه آهن. هڪ ننڍڙي منصوبي تي تڪرار کي حل ڪرڻ لاء، مهرباني ڪري مقامي حل جي ڪوشش ڪريو، ۽ ميٽا-وڪي تي تبصرو لاء درخواست داخل ڪريو جيڪڏهن مقامي حل حاصل نه ٿي سگهي.

هن وقت وڪيميڊيا تحريڪ ۾ ٣٣ ملازم آهن.


مکيه مضمون: سنڀاليندڙ/تاريخ

اسٽيوارڊ گروپ ٻه هزار چار ۾ ٺاهيو ويو ته جيئن صارف جي حقن جي انتظام کي سافٽ ويئر ڊولپمينٽ ۽ سسٽم ايڊمنسٽريشن کان الڳ ڪري. ملازم کي شروعاتي طور تي صرف ميٽا-وڪي ذريعي سڀني صارفن جي حقن کي تبديل ڪرڻ جي صلاحيت ڏني وئي هئي. اسٽيوارڊ گروپ جي ٺهڻ کان اڳ، ڊولپرز کي مقامي بيوروڪريٽس کان سواءِ وڪيز تي صارفين جي حقن کي تبديل ڪرڻ جي ضرورت هئي.

اسٽيوارڊز کي عالمي اڪائونٽس جي انتظام جي ذميواري ڏني وئي جڏهن CentralAuth extension ٻه هزار اٺ ۾ لاڳو ڪيو ويو. جڏهن ٻه هزار پندرهن ۾ اڪيلو استعمال ڪندڙ لاگ ان فائنل مڪمل ڪيو ويو، اهي پڻ عالمي اڪائونٽن جو نالو تبديل ڪرڻ جا ذميوار بڻجي ويا - هڪ ذميواري سان حصيداري ڪئي وئي global renamers.

پهرين چونڊون ۲۰۰۴ ۾ منعقد ٿيون، جن ۾ ايندڙ سالن ۾ سالياني يا نيم سالياني چونڊون ٿيون. ٻن چونڊن سان آخري سال ٻه هزار يارنهن ۾ ٿي


مکيه مضمون: Stewards/Elections

Steward elections are held between January and February every year, with voting lasting for three weeks in February. Candidates must meet account and activity requirements, including holding administrator rights on one Wikimedia wiki for at least three months, and made 600 edits, with 50 made within the last six months. Voting is also restricted to users with 600 edits and 50 in the last six months. Candidates are elected by a vote, requiring 80% support and at least 30 supporting votes to be elected. There is no limit to the number of users that can hold steward rights, or the number of stewards that can be elected during each election cycle. Because stewards can access personal information and suppressed data, stewards also need to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Existing stewards are confirmed every year at the same time as the elections. The first stage of the confirmations is a community comment period, where any user is free to comment for or against any of the current stewards. These comments should be directed specifically at the use of the steward permissions, or at other relevant factors for whether a steward should retain or lose their permissions. After the community comment period is closed, all new and existing stewards deliberate on the results. A steward is removed if a majority of other stewards vote for removal in the deliberations.

Removal of access

Stewards are automatically removed for inactivity if they have performed no actions within the past six months, and less than ten actions within the last year.


Stewards are primarily responsible for performing the following technical actions:

Global account management
  • Lock and unlock global accounts
  • Hide and suppress global accounts
  • Rename global accounts and local unattached accounts
  • Globally block and unblock IP addresses
  • Use the CheckUser tool on login.wikimedia.org (statistics)
User rights management
  • Assign and remove all local user rights on any account on any Wikimedia wiki
    • Bot, administrator, interface administrator and bureaucrat rights are assigned on wikis without local bureaucrats
    • CheckUser, oversight, and import rights are only assigned by stewards
  • Assign and remove all global user rights
  • Manage global group permissions and wikisets
  • Approve, disable, and suppress OAuth application requests
  • Use any administrator, CheckUser, or oversighter access on wikis without local users in those permissions groups
  • Respond to VRT tickets in the stewards' queue, or any of the information queues
  • Delete pages with greater than ٥٬٠٠٠ revisions
  • Create and edit global abusefilters

Stewards are also responsible for the following non-technical actions:

  • Closing and implementing requests for global community bans
  • Acting as scrutineers for Arbitration Committee elections on some wikis
  • Working with Wikimedia Foundation staff as the first point of contact with the community


مکيه مضمون: Stewards policy

Stewards are required to follow established community policies when using their permissions, and where policies do not exist, established practices are followed instead.

On wikis with local administrators or bureaucrats, stewards typically will not use their access unless there is an emergency. There is some leeway in policy for cross-wiki actions, but this is rarely applied.

User rights are not changed by stewards on wikis where they are an active member of the local community. This maintains the steward role as global in scope, and prevents them from becoming super-users of their home projects. Some permissions that are not held by local users and are uncontroversial to use, such as deleting pages with over 5,000 revisions using the bigdelete permission, are still used by stewards on their home projects.

Stewards are never compelled to take an action; as volunteers, they can always personally recuse from handling a request. They are also free to maintain and express their own opinions, so long as their use of the steward rights conforms with policy.


There are a number of ways to contact stewards, either individually or as a group:

There is a private steward mailing list (Stewards-l) and wiki (steward.wikimedia.org) used for internal communication and organization.

موجودهه منتظم داروڳن (اسٽيورڊز) جي فهرست

Last update: 2024-03-07; total number of stewards: ٣٣

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