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For bot status on Meta-Wiki, see the bot policy and request page.
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This page hosts requests for a Bot flag on a Wikimedia wiki with no bureaucrats. Please read the instructions before posting a request. Request to remove own permission should be done in SRP.

Please only make request here after gaining the on-wiki approval of your local community (i.e., don't list your bot here if you haven't consulted the local wiki for at least a week, or whatever local policies dictate). Previous requests are archived.

Cross-wiki requests
Meta-Wiki requests

Instructions Edit

Before posting here Edit

Before posting here, please check the following points:

  1. If there is a bureaucrat on the local wiki (visit Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat on the wiki to check): Please ask them to fulfill your request using Special:UserRights on the relevant wiki.
  2. Before requesting access here, make sure to obtain consensus on the local wiki if there is a community (see the index of request pages). If there is no local community, request on this page with a note to that effect. You can ask local bot flag directly here for some wikis in some cases (see automatic approval).
  3. Remember to read the local project's bot policy. This should be linked from the local bot request page; a few are listed below. DO NOT post your request here without having fulfilled the local policies first, and having waited for at least a week to gauge community opinion. In the case that the project does not have a local bot policy, the global bot policy applies.
Project Languages

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Making a request Edit

  1. Place the following code at the bottom of the "Bot status requests" section below:
    === Bot name@xxproject ===
    | status = <!--don't change this line-->
    | domain = 
    | user name = 
    | discussion = 
    (your remarks) ~~~~

    You can use following form when applying global bot status:

    === Global bot status for <yourbotname> ===
    | status = <!--don't change this line-->
    | domain = global<!--don't change this line-->
    | user name = 
    | discussion = 
    {{indent|''Not ending before {{subst:#time:j F Y H:i|+2 week}} UTC''}}
    (your remarks) ~~~~
  2. Fill in the values:
    • 'domain': the wiki's URL domain (like "ex.wikipedia" or "meta.wikimedia").
    • 'user name': the bot's user name (like "ExampleBot"). Leave it blank if you're requesting access for multiple bots.
    • 'discussion': a link to the local vote or discussion about the bot (for example, "[[ex:Wikipedia:Bots#ExampleBot]]"). Notes: If there is no local vote or discussion, please say so below the template and explain why not. If there's no community, implement the standard bot policy instead.
  3. If anything is missing from your request, a steward will request more information.

Global bot status requests Edit

Global bots are enabled on most wikis using the standard bot policy (see list of global bot wikis and global bot access requirements). Request will be left open for at least 2 weeks to allow comments, and will be advertised via MassMessage.

Please add requests at the bottom of this section using the template above.

Lingua Libre Bot Edit

Lingua Libre is a linguistic media library run by Wikimedia France. Lingua Libre Bot adds pronunciation files recorded with the project on-wiki. The bot is currently approved on Wikidata, French Wiktionary, Occitan Wiktionary, Shawiya Wiktionary, Kurdish Wiktionary, and Odia Wiktionary. It is also in testing on English Wiktionary. Here are two examples of its edits: 1, 2. The bot is written in Python and is open source. Its operators are Poslovitch and Pamputt (I'm creating this request per phab:T313471). Thank you for your consideration! Frostly (talk) 20:00, 25 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I fully support this global bot status request. of course, we'll be asking each new community to run the bot on this wiki before making any large-scale changes. With the global bot status, we'll save time and energy, as the last approvals to obtain bot status took several weeks (due to the non-responsiveness of the local community, the bot developer or the stewards, or everyone at once). Pamputt (talk) 06:54, 26 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thank you Frostly for this initiative. I'm not one of the bot master, but I'm coordinating a lot of things on that project and I can point out few things:
  1. Pamputt is the current Bot master, Poslovitch have been inactive for a while. So Pamputt support should be sufficient.
  2. one of Lingua Libre initial aims is to support modest linguistic communities, so they may resist better to linguistic marginalization. But any process asking democratic reactiveness from wiki communities de facto favors larger linguistic communities, where numerous users and administrators are active daily. Getting the global bot status would help to level the playing field and support smaller projects as soon as one or two active users request us to.
Yug (talk) 16:57, 26 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Stewards, @Superpes15: Any news on that front ? Is the mass message sent ? Yug (talk) 10:13, 23 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I am generally positive to this bot and a global flag, but some details should be clarified:
  1. What is the relation between "Lingua Libre Bot" and "PamputtBot" Lingua Libre Bot (talk · contribs · CA) -- PamputtBot (talk · contribs · CA)
    PamputtBot is mainly used on the French Wiktionary to do other tasks. There is no connection with Lingua Libre Bot other than that I run both.
  2. How does the bot act if an audio file is already used, maybe in a less-standard way?
    I am not sure to understand what you mean. Do you have an example ?
  3. How does the bot act on broken or less-standard pages?
    Lingua Libre Bot is customized for each Wikimedia project it works on. This means that there is a specific tuning for each project, taking into account the rules of that project.
  4. I see the bot adding lang=fr. This is a tridudance. The file in question "audio=LL-Q150 (fra)-Mecanautes-antivirus.wav" contains "Q150" and "fra", both saying the same thing as "lang=fr". On eo wiktionary, no parameter for the langcode is needed. The module isolates the Q-item from the filename and converts it to language code.
    As mentioned above, the Lingua Libre bot is adapted to each project. For the French Wiktionary, the template "écouter" works like this. It could probably be improved with your comments.
Taylor 49 (talk) 11:34, 9 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Taylor 49: thanks for your message. I've answered after each question for readability. Pamputt (talk) 14:03, 9 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@User:Pamputt The file that the bot is trying to add could be already there. It could be on wrong place of the page, or it could have junk parameters. For example, en wiktionary used "lang=" for several years. This parameter still can be seen on some other wikis. People love to copy without understanding. Taylor 49 (talk) 14:23, 9 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I can tell you how the bot works on the Wiktionary it is already running on. It checks to see if the file already exists, and if it does not, it adds the new recording. Some Wiktionary projects want to have only one audio recording per entry, so in this case the bot only checks if there is an existing record.
About the "junk parameters", if you mean the filename could be malformed, then it is not possible. The audio recordings are named automatically and using a systematic naming scheme by the RecordWizard on the Lingua Libre website. So it is always of the form "LL-Q150 (fra)-Mecanautes-antivirus.wav", i.e. "LL-language ID-user name-recorded word name.wav". For the rest of the template, as I have written before, the bot is adapted to each Wiktionary, so it will use the template and the associated parameters given by the wikimedia project users. You can watch here to have an idea of what informations the bot needs to be adapted. Pamputt (talk) 16:35, 9 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Pamputt: for point 2, I assume Taylor refers to humans already adding the audio file to the page before the bot does. How does the bot handle such situation. I don't see wrong answers: remove + replacement, simple addition, skip pages are all 3 legit tactics. So this should not affect the global bot application. But it should be documented in the I guess. Yug (talk) 03:54, 11 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Taylor 49 if the filename is already present in the page, Lingua Libre Bot does not add it once again even if the template is malformed (see here for the code). Pamputt (talk) 05:45, 15 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  •   Support Looks good to me --Ameisenigel (talk) 17:42, 21 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  •   Support (as one for the requestees). This request aims to grant us global bot status, so we can focus on the actual value adding aspects : listen to local needs, code accordingly, respect existant assets. As the discussion confirms, there is no opposition to the global bot status, and there is awareness for the "on the ground" constrains. All green for the global status. --Yug (talk) 07:43, 6 September 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  •   Support Clear purpose that would be of use xwiki. ~~~~
    User:1234qwer1234qwer4 (talk)
    21:20, 19 September 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  •   Support Would be a really useful tool for all Wiktionaries. Redmin (talk) 09:40, 20 September 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Removal of global bot status Edit

Please see the removal policy for global bots for the requirements that must be met for global bot removal requests.

Bot status requests Edit

Please add new requests at the bottom of this section.

Removal of bot status Edit

Requests for removal of the bot status from your own bots can be done here. If a specific user is abusing their bot status, you may request removal of the status on their account here as well. Please be sure to provide a short explanation on the current situation, along with links to the bot's contribution and an announcement in your community of the abuse. Previous requests are archived.

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