This page provides information on the "patroller" group on Meta.

Patrollers are a group of users with the ability to patrol new pages, edits on recent changes and quickly revert malicious changes using the rollback feature. It was created per consensus in September 2017. These rights are also part of the rights that administrators have. The patroller status can be given to trustworthy users upon request on the request page for help from a sysop or bureaucrat by an administrator.

Patrol edit

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Rollback edit

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  • Administrators have the rollback right by default, and do not need to request the right separately.
  • Users with global rollback or in other global groups with 'rollback' permissions bundled in them may use that tool on Meta-Wiki.

Removal of access edit

Any user account inactive for a period of time of 2 consecutive years will have their permissions removed. Inactivity is defined as no edits and log actions in that 2 years period.
Users misusing this toolset by repeatedly marking bad edits as patrolled, or using the rollback tool to revert constructive edits, or for edit warring or content disputes, may have their permissions revoked. Removal can be done by an administrator at any time, at their discretion. Advance notice is not required, but may be given. Users who have had their permissions revoked may not be re-granted the permission without a formal application.

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