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巡查者係一組可以巡查新版最近更改同快速復原嘅用户,亦都可以用反轉功能 去復原惡意嘅更改。佢係喺2017年9月根據共識整嘅。權利已經俾咗所有管理員 ,但係值得信任嘅用户都可以喺請求管理員或者行政員幫手嗰版 申請同攞權。


內文: Help:巡查過嘅修改


Main article: Meta:Rollback
  • Administrators have the rollback right by default, and do not need to request the right separately.
  • Users with global rollback or in other global groups with 'rollback' permissions bundled in them may use that tool on Meta-Wiki.

Removal of access

Any user account inactive for a period of time of 2 consecutive years will have their permissions removed. Inactivity is defined as no edits and log actions in that 2 years period.
Users misusing this toolset by repeatedly marking bad edits as patrolled, or using the rollback tool to revert constructive edits, or for edit warring or content disputes, may have their permissions revoked. Removal can be done by an administrator at any time, at their discretion. Advance notice is not required, but may be given. Users who have had their permissions revoked may not be re-granted the permission without a formal application.