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Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka (officially abbreviated as UG-LK) is a volunteer-run non-profit community with an aim of unifying, empowering, and growing the Wikimedian community in Sri Lanka. The initial objectives of this community include increasing awareness of Wikimedia and its projects, introducing more people to the editing environment, and scaling-up the coverage on Sri Lankan history, geography, and other key topics. Future plans include holding edit-a-thons and collaborating with the local government to digitize and upload historic documents, photographs, and other information.

Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka
Logo of the Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka
Location of Sri Lanka in Asia
LocationFlag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka
Country codeLK
Founding date20 November 2015
Approval date18 February 2016
Official language(s)Sinhala, Tamil, English
Incorporation paperUG-LK Recognition
Reports2016, 2017, 2018
Mailing listWikimedia-LK
FacebookWikimedia Sri Lanka

Wikimedia-logo.svg Wikipedia ProjectsEdit

Language Wikimedia Project Articles Files Pages Users Active users Admins Edits
English English Wikipedia 5,953,051 883,040 48,799,794 37,399,117 133,249 1,154 917,080,319
Sinhala Sinhala Wikipedia 15,406 4,556 71,067 42,585 78 3 441,614
Tamil Tamil Wikipedia 123,751 7,682 379,639 162,150 394 42 2,812,002

Filing cabinet icon.svg Present working committeeEdit

Language communities
  English Sinhala Tamil
President Rehman (open)1 Mayooranathan
Vice President Azeez (open)1 Sivakosaran
Secretary (open)1 (open)1 (open)1
Treasurer (open)1 (open)1 (open)1

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