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Can I join this usergroup?
Yes! Any active editor who is interested in contributing to Sri Lanka-related articles is welcomed to join.
Are there any specific obligations?
No. Although, members who are globally inactive for over six months may be removed without notice.
Why have a usergroup in the first place?
Being officially recognized enables access to technical and financial incentives (i.e. grants for projects), and more.
How can the usergroup help me contribute?
In addition to having access to official Wikimedia support and resources, conducting online and/or offline projects (like edit-a-thons, workshops, and photowalks) through a usergroup allows you to reach more potential volunteers. There are also free usergroup assets (i.e. banners, camera) to support your project(s).
Do I need approval for every project?
No, although projects requiring monetary or other resources may require WMF approval (the usergroup leaders should be able to help you with that). For simpler projects, you are free to conduct by yourself, and list them on the projects page for wider attention.
What is the best way to keep in touch?
Signing-up to the Wikimedia-LK mailing list, and watching the usergroup's talkpage, is a good start. If you are looking for more project specific discussions, watching the community discussion pages (i.e. village pumps) will also be resourceful. We also have a Facebook page, although we lack volunteers to keep it reasonably active.
Who is officially leading the usergroup?
User:Rehman and User:Azeez were the initial users who created the usergroup, and are currently overseeing the group's legal foundation. Once initial vacant roles are filled by more volunteers, the initial election processes can begin.
My question is not listed here. Where can I ask?
Feel free to post any questions to Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka. If your question is private, you may wish to email one of the current working committee members.