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Affiliate-selected Board seats/2019/NominationsEdit

Hello. Following the call for endorsements, I would like to state here that I am considering to vote for Nataliia Tymkiv (User:Antanana) on behalf of our usergroup, for the following reasons:

  • They have an extensive on-wiki experience of more that 90,000 global edits, since 2009. On-wiki experience is something that I feel is essential in official roles. As more people are hired without this exposure, I feel it creates an invisible barrier between online contributors and offline staff.
  • In addition to online skills and experiences, they also have impressive offline resume, including experience in the Movement Strategy process, anti-harassment, policies and bylaws, and other areas. They also have experience in other offline areas such as Wiki Loves Earth.
  • Looking at their talkpage, they seems to be adequately level-headed, friendly, and welcoming to new users.
  • And finally, based on my occasional run-ins with them at various events, I feel Nataliia is more of a listener/observer, and will be diligent and patient in the decisions they make in their official capacity.

The vote will be made on May 8. If anyone would like to voice any thoughts, feel free to respond below. Best wishes, Rehman 11:34, 30 April 2019 (UTC)

Call for volunteers - Jury of Wiki Loves Earth 2019 in Sri LankaEdit

Hello volunteers!

As we're reaching the half-way mark for WLE, it is time to prepare the jury for judging the finalists.

Commons:Category:Images from Wiki Loves Earth 2019 in Sri Lanka has 1,942 files at the moment, hence assuming the same pace continues, we would probably have a maximum of 4,000 submissions at the end of the contest period.

Jury members will have to judge the best photos based on relevance, quality, creativity, uniqueness, and other factors such as effort, lighting, and so on. Judging will be done in more than one round, by at least 5 jury members.

The first round would be to eliminate all out of scope submissions, and photos that stand no chance of passing - tilted, blurred, etc. We expect about half of the submissions to be eliminated in the first round. This round would probably be done by User:Rehman, User:Azeez, and anyone else interested.

Further rounds, probably another 1 or 2, depending on volume, would be in-depth scrutiny. And this is where we need more volunteers. We have some non-Wikimedians who have expressed interest in volunteering, but of course, preference is always to experienced Wikimedians. If you wish to volunteer, please list your name here. For those of you who helped translate, please also add your name there for records :)

Photos will be judged using an online tool (Montage or WLX, to be announced), thus it would be fairly easy - unlike sorting photos manually offline. Jury members does not have to be Sri Lankans, does not have to be in Sri Lanka, and does not have to be members of UG-LK. Although, they would have to privately share their address, if they wish to received some merchandise. Preference will be given to experienced users. You are also allowed to judge with the help of your friends or family, so long as you make the final comments/votes.

Jury members will get a WLE certificate, official Wikipedia tshirts, Wikipedia pens, Wikipedia water bottles, Wikipedia pins, Wikipedia notebooks, and more.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Rehman 05:06, 13 June 2019 (UTC)

5 days for WLE judging period to begin! Pinging users with recent edits in their home wikis: User:Atcovi, User:Blackknight12, User:Dan arndt, User:L Manju, User:Shriheeran, User:Sancheevis, User:UMDP, User:Price Zero, User:Randeepa, User:Abishe, User:Yasasuru, User:Kanags, User:NaminiGunasena, User:Anish Mariathasan, User:Carptrash, User:Gihan Jayaweera, User:NandanaM. We still have slots available in the WLE Jury! For anyone concerned, this is not a full time commitment, but simply to judge the uploaded photos for the given period and volume. There are also cool Wikimedia merchandise for all volunteers!
Thanks to User:Azeez, User:Sivakosaran, User:Sandaru, for signing up so far!
P.s. If you haven't already done so, please do subscribe to the Wikimedia-LK mailing list to stay up-to-date with community discussions. Thank you! Rehman 13:35, 25 June 2019 (UTC)

Introducing Wikimedia Space: A platform for movement news and organizationsEdit

Hi Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka,
I’m writing to let you know that the Community Engagement department [1]at the Wikimedia Foundation is launching a new platform, Wikimedia Space. Here, you will find stories for and by contributors to the Wikimedia movement, and a space for discussions of different topics.

We know that finding information about Wikimedia activities and processes is very complicated, which makes the learning curve to enter our movement and be successful afterwards, really steep. By centralizing community stories and conversations in one shared space, we believe we are facilitating access and discoverability of topics across the movement, improving, in turn, connections among Wikimedians.

As an affiliated organization to the Wikimedia Foundation, we hope that you can share this platform with your local community, and we count on you to encourage them to add their voices. If you’d like to contribute stories, and overall, participate in the discussion section, please read our blogging guidelines and our code of conduct and join the conversation. Find more information about the project on its page on Meta.

Looking forward to seeing you at Wikimedia Space,
María Cruz, Communications and Outreach Manager, Wikimedia Foundation.
MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 17:53, 25 June 2019 (UTC)


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