Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka/2020 Annual Report

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Thank you for visiting. The following page reports the Wikimedia-related activities involving members of the usergroup during the fiscal year from 2020-02-18 to 2021-02-17.

Notable volunteer activities for the past fiscal year consists of only WLE2020, due to severe constraints on volunteer availability. Until the pandemic gets under control, and circumstances of usergroup members improve, we expect minimal activities, unfortunately.

The President of the usergoup and person responsible for annual reporting - User:Rehman, was also not available between December and March due to unavoidable personal reasons, and hence this report is posted 21 days late.

Wiki Loves Earth 2020 Edit

UG-LK conducted its second Wiki Loves Earth contest, from March to August, with the main public contest spanning the whole month of May. As with last year, Rehman (LK), Azeez (HK), Sivakosaran (LK), Sandaru (LK), Nandana (LK), and Dan Arndt (AU), were the jury members. The internal coordination page could be found here, the public landing page can be found here, and the full detailed report can be found here.

The project exceeded expectations, and was concluded successfully, with the local 2nd place, reaching 4th place in the final WLE2020 international contest.

Top 30 by points

Future photo project Edit

Due to remaining WLE2020 funds, an in-person photo project is planned. This is being postponed until the local government declares the pandemic under control, and until sufficient volunteers can join the project. This has been communicated with the grants team, and also elaborated in the final WLE2020 report.