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Wikimedia CH
Verein zur Förderung Freien WissensAssociation pour l’avancement des connaissances libresAssociazione per la promozione della conoscenza libera

Wikimedia CH is the local Wikimedia chapter covering Switzerland. It was founded on May 14, 2006. See our bylaws. Wikimedia CH has been recognised as a charity by all cantonal tax offices in Switzerland.

ဝီကီမီဒီယာ ဆွစ်ဇာလန်နိုင်ငံ

Location ဆွစ်ဇာလန်နိုင်ငံ
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Founding date14 ဧပြီ 2006
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  • The Calendar can be updated by the staff as well as the volunteers, and aims at showing the events going in all of Switzerland, regardless of language.
  • This participative calendar can be updated by the staff as well as the volunteers, and aims at showing the events going in all of Switzerland, regardless of language.

Past events

Photos of past Wikimedia events and meet-ups in Switzerland are available here.



Wikimedia CH publishes monthly Newsletters in 3 official Swiss languages and in English.

To subscribe, please go to our website, choose your preferred language, fill in and submit the subscription form.



Schools and institutions of higher education


#theLab Locarno.

In 2019 Wikimedia CH began a partnership with the faculty of Pedagogy of Locarno for a series of events related to workshops to be organized with teachers and their students. The workshops are held in the beautiful setting of the Locarno Palacinema and go by the name of #theLab.

The goal are the Digital humanities and, in addition to being a supporter of the laboratories, Wikimedia CH also participates in the information literacy project. Other courses concern the creation of cartoons, robotics and coding.

The first information literacy workshop was held on January 21st with a middle school class. The students where divided into four teams and participated in a series of research activities to win a final prize. Between virtual treasure hunts, search for fake news and other activities, the students and teachers had a lot of fun and the initiative was a big success. This concept was then repeated on February 4th with a primary school.

Wikimedia CH will have the secons session of theLab with the faculty of pedagogy of Locarno dedicated to elementary school next 18th March. After the first session with middle schools, this time the session of information literacy will be dedicated to children. The format will a game with a sequence of quests to be resolved using Wikimedia projects in general having the structure of questions true/false.

The sessions were done together with the teachers and the survey revealed that the high percentage of students considered the courses interesting and would repeat them whiel the same teachers considered them interesting and would replicate.

Collaboration with CERDD (Educational and Digital Resource Center)

In September Wikimedia CH started a collaboration with the Educational and Digital Resource Center of Canton Ticino to transfer didactical material in open license in WIkimedia projects. The material is specifically dedicate to high schools and concerns biology, chemistry and physics. It is published currently in a Moodle platform and is released in open license, with this project Wikimedia CH will train a community manager to transfer it in Wikiversity and in Wikibooks.

Wikipedia training for teachers in Geneva, 27.03.2019

Gabriel will be giving a workshop to teachers in Geneva. The project is not entirely defined yet, and will be added both to our calendar and to the page for the month of French-language contribution, which takes place every year in March.

Devoxx4kids in Lugano

The 6th April Wikimedia CH participated to the Devoxx4kids in Lugano. This time the main topic has been the mapping using OpenStreetMap. Five tutors trained around 100 students to the use of OpenStreetMap and how map Wikipedia articles using this project.

Steering committee (German area)

The 17th April 6 educators or wikipedians involved in educational programs met in Olten to discuss how to re-organize the educational area for German area and to receive feedbacks. These meetings have been helpful to define what they need to operate and what are the priorities.

Media in Piazza

The next edition of Media in Piazza will be held in Lugano the 24th and the 25th October. In the meantime the orga team is meeting regularly and has defined a Manifesto. In addition the Swiss Confederation has selected the project and included in the list of 11 most innovative projects in terms of innovation in education.


Wikipedia training for students of the university of Neuchâtel, March and April 2019

Amandine made a successful project in 2018, the Wikineocomensia project. Aimed to involve the university of Neuchâtel and the Laténium museum, it helped her secure strong ties with the Laténium director, who also teaches at the university. She will be training a group of his students to edit Wikipedia, possibly on Swiss archeological topics, from the end of March to early April 2019. The project page will be displayed once it is set up, on our next newsletter.

Wikimedia workshop at ETH 2rd and 4th June 2019

The 2-days workshop (hosted by AMB and 50years AVETH) focused on the role of Wikimedia platforms in the current ecosystem of research, specifically English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons (file archive) and Wikidata (structured metadata).

The main topics has been the general architecture of the Wikimedia platforms, the key aspects of copyright laws, the writing of scientific articles on English Wikipedia, the metrics and strategy for dissemination of scientific results to the general public, the new frontiers of open-access bibliometry and the gender-gap initiatives in the scientific field related to Wikimedia platforms.

Life-long learning

Wikidata workshop in Lausanne, Friday, March 29th

After a Wikidata day organized for GLAM professionals on the 28th, Shonagon will be coming to Lausanne on March 29th to give a Wikidata workshop. Shonagon works for the Louvre museum. He is also a Wikidata enthusiast and one of the main contributors of Crotos, an image search engine that relies on Commons and on Wikidata. His Wikidata workshop will be geared towards all Wikimedians interested in learning how to use Wikidata. This Wikidata session should also be very interesting for art enthusiasts, so sign up and join us.

Wikipedia for Peace 26. April - 5. May

This year Wikimedia CH will support again Wikipedia for Peace in Mont Soleil. For ten days, 12 people from around the world will come together to write and edit Wikipedia content about topics related to the peace, social justice, and Earth's climate. The page of the project is available for any detail. Wikipedia for Peace had its 2nd edition on Mont Soleil, to introduce and practice Wikipedia for newcomers, who were interested in items of peace, social justice, and Earth's climate and their man and women of action. Organized together with en:Service Civil International, for ten days twelve people from around Europe came and lived together, unified in the spirit, to enlarge and improve Wikipedia content. More than 100 articles has been translated to their mother langues, that is Finnish, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovenian, Serbian, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Lao, Catalan and French. The results of the project are available for detail sight.


Wikimedia CH is discussing several partnerships in education or to consolidate the existing ones. Several meetings have been defined with the EPFL of Lausanne, with the faculty of Pedagogy of Locarno the relationship is improving and some discussions are in place with other universities or like-minded associations.


Dico des ados in Sierre, 22. May

A project close to the wiktionary, but for teenagers, Dico des ados is going to be showcased in Sierre, on May 22d. The event is mainly for French-language children from 8 to 14, but adults, especially teachers, are welcome. The Wikimedia CH team has been invited to discover the project. If you are interested to join the event, please get in touch with Flor <flor.mechain(_AT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)ch>.

Minipedia, a light version of Wikipedia

During Wikipedia+Education of San Sebastian there was the possibility to discuss the state of work of tools and the Basque community presented their version of Txikipedia. The Italian community started to discuss a possible solution similar to that of Txikipedia and Wikimedia ch is supporting this discussion.


The acronym GLAM stands for “Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums”. Our mission is to help Swiss memory institutions share their curatorial knowledge, collections and resources in a digital manner, on global platforms, making Swiss cultural heritage more accessible to the world.

Our overarching GLAM principle is that cultural activity also stands for culture in interaction between people. We believe that knowledge about cultural heritage and the free access to it is one of the central pillars of a democratic society. We see Wikimedia CH as an interface between GLAM institutions and the Wikiverse.

GLAM events and programmes


GLAM-on-Tour is a multi-day event format originally from Germany. It promotes networking between Wikipedia contributors and GLAM institutions and ensures new content on Wikipedia. The event includes guided tours, lectures, photo excursions, and collaborative editing. Wikimedia CH provides funding for travel and accommodation expenses.

Watch the video GLAM-on-Tour at Kirchner Museum Davos here on Wikimedia Commons.

International Museum Day

To foster the International Museum Day (IMD) from the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in May, Wikimedia CH joins forces with other Wikimedia chapters and groups worldwide to launch calls for content on Wikipedia and invite participants to Wikidata competitions.

International Archive Week

Wikimedia CH partners with the Association of Swiss Archivists (VSA-AAS) to promote the International Archives Week in June. Joining forces with Wikimedia Austria and Germany, we launch calls for content.

GLAM Digital

GLAM digital is a series of video conferences with selected GLAM institutions. Each usually two-hour individual event consists of a specialist lecture by the institution on a specific topic. In a subsequent dialogue part, the Wikipedia community and the institutions enter into direct exchange. The event series is jointly coordinated and supported by Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia Österreich and Wikimedia CH.


Cassandra Statistical Tool

The GLAM Statistical Tool (Cassandra) was created by Wikimedia CH and developed in collaboration with GLAM partners. It helps gain statistical insights regarding their shared collections across the Wikimedia projects.

WMCH Map Service

The WMCH Map Service provides interactive maps of cultural institutions and content in Switzerland. Users can explore locations, check article coverage and contribute to encyclopaedic content.



Italian community

New Year's brunch: Chiasso

As every year, the Wikipedians of Insubria and Ticino met to celebrate Wikipedia's birthday in Chiasso. 12 Wikipedians celebrated the age of Wikipedia and discussed 2019 projects.

Wiki-meetups of the group of Insubria: Oleggio

Edit-a-thon in Oleggio and picture with tabarristi.

After the yearly CH New Year's brunch in Chiasso, where we had 15 Wikipedians of the Insubria group, the group met again on 19 January in Oleggio at the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Carlo Giacomo Fanchini for an edit-a-thon about the museum and local culture. The event included 14 editors who wrote articles and uploaded pictures (in total 781 articles and files). The gathering ended with a dinner and a group photo with the "tabarristi", another group that met the same day at the museum, wearing the traditional tabarro, a typical costume of the southern Alps. The page of the event is available here where you can read about the details of the event.

Carlo Amoretti tour: Lonate Pozzolo 11. May

Carlo Amoretti (1741–1816).

The 11th May it will start the Carlo Amoretti tour, a long program of edit-a-thons around Insubria. Retracing the steps of the scientist and adventurer Carlo Amoretti among the territories of Insubria, the Wikipedian community will propose a visit to Lonate Pozzolo, once located on the Austro-Piedmontese border. This is the first event of a long program that will continue in June in Como.

Amoretti team lands in Nesso (Como), June 1st

The 1st June Amoretti team landed in Nesso on the Lake of Como. By boat 24 wikipedians and students arrived early in this famous village developed around a waterfall even reported by Leonardo da Vinci in the Codex Atlanticus. After a visit to the village and its churches, the group gathered in the municipal house where they wrote the articles related to the town, uploaded pictures and mapped the territory. Two experts of the history of the village were present to support the group and to report the historical memory of this small but nice village on the shores of the lake.


Blind and visual impaired users

Wikimedia CH started a collaboration with the association Albinit in the 2018. This collaboration is aimed to have a testing phase of visual impaired users as passive and active users. The first round is finished and had four testers to check four Italian projects (Wikipedia, Commons, Wikivoyage and Wikisource) giving an evaluation based on 6 parameters:

  • Easy reading of the articles and links easy to use.
  • Easy research: ability to jump between different contents of the page.
  • Good management of non-textual elements: ability to read non-textual elements.
  • Content distribution: page management and content distribution.
  • Usability of accessory elements (specifically templates): infobox, notes, etc.
  • Energy spent in the activity (a measure in self-assessment of the effort necessary for the activity).

In this case the focus of the test has been based not only in the accessibility, as it is done usually for disabilities, but considering also the usability and specifically it's considered important the last parameter: the energy spent during the activity.

The goal of the project is to check the ability of people with a specific disability to use the Wikimedia projects for their daily activity (study or work or edutainement) and to check if Wikimedia projects can bring an advantage specifically for students having learning disability.

The results of the project have been presented in Wikipedia+Education in San Sebastian.

Within this project, Wikimedia CH has been in touch also with the association of "Libro parlato" (Spoken Book) of Verbania which collaborates with other similar Swiss associations to publish their catalogue in Wikidata.




Current Board

May 25, 2018 and later.

  • Muriel Staub, President.
  • Mauro Cassina, Board member & Treasurer.
  • Jon Becker, Board member.
  • Neko Rama, Board member.
  • Matthias Nepfer, Board member.
  • Catherine Janssens, Board member.


Permanent positions

  • Executive director:
    Jenny Ebermann (0.8 FTE)
  • GLAM Lead (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums):
    Sandra Becker (0.8 FTE)
  • GLAM Experte (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums):
    Amandine Cabrio (0.6 FTE)
  • Education and Innovation Lead:
    Ilario Valdelli (0.6 FTE)
  • Education Manager:
    Lavinia Malo (0.6 FTE)
  • Community Liaison and Press contact for Italian-speaking Switzerland:
    Ilario Valdelli (0.6 FTE)
  • Community Liaison for German-speaking Switzerland:
    Ulrich Lantermann (0.8 FTE)
  • Community Liaison for French-speaking Switzerland:
    Flor Méchain (0.6 FTE)
  • Outreach & Communication Manager:
    Kerstin Sonnekalb (0.9 FTE)
  • Business Intelligence & Finance Manager:
    Marie-Louise Cognard (WMCH) (0.8 FTE)
  • Accountant:
    Marta Vidal (0.7 FTE)
  • Development Administrator:
    Stéphane Maffli (1.0 FTE)
  • Administration Officer:
    Ylva Linn Liliegren (0.7 FTE)

Temporary staff

  • None.


Past discussions on this page have been kept in the Archive.


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