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Started: March 2001

Current size: 2,621,522 articles

Total edits: 216,074,654

Active editors: 16,460 in the past month

Areas of strength
  • Number of articles
  • Quality of articles on particular topics (Ancient Greece)
Areas of weakness
  • General quality of articles
  • Strength of community
  • Contributors origin: very few contributors from French-speaking countries outside France/Quebec/Switzerland/Belgium. (very few Africans except a few Tunisians)
What other prominent encyclopedias exist in this language (print, electronic, online)?

Prominent milestones/events

  • TK
What has its impact been?
  • TK


What language features are challenging?
  • Diacritics usage in text
  • Punctuation usage in wikilinks
  • French quotes for citations
  • Applying rules to document titles (write Le Petit Prince, not Le petit prince for instance)
What would surprise the outside reader about the community?
  • TK
What are some unique practices/characteristics?
  • Reference numbers have no square brackets around them.
Who were the earliest participants, who started it?
  • TK
Other prominent Wikipedians?

Fork fears