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Wat donn de täschnesche Bottschaffter?

Andere Metmaacher hällfe Täschnesche Klaaf om eije Wikki metlässe, de Kolleje un metmaacher hällfe, Frohre beantwoote övver de Projramme, övver Schablohne un esu jät.

Wä kann, hellf anndere, dänne ier Probleme ze verschtonn un ze löhse, esu wi se opdouche.

De Neujeronge aan der Täschnek wiggerverbreijde Mer kann sesch de wöschentlesche Täschnesche Rondschrihve op de eije Klaafsigg schrihve lohße udder se ob en alljemeine Klaafsigg för de Jemeinschavv em Wikki beschtälle, un de Andere em Wikki drövver enfommehre, wat se ze äwahde hann.

Mer kann andere Lück ennlahde, de wöschentlesche Täschnesche Rondschrihve ze beschtälle un mer kann säller beim Schrihve metmaache.

Fähler mällde

If it's too difficult or impossible to solve the problem on your wiki, report issues and feature requests on our bug tracker ("Phabricator").

Follow the discussion on Phabricator and, if necessary, help the developers. When the problem is solved, inform your fellow Wikimedians on your home wiki.

Met de Äntweckler klaafe

If you can't use Phabricator, there are other tools at your disposal:

Andere täschnesche Bottschaffter fenge

If you know users who would be interested in becoming a tech ambassador, you can invite them to join.

You can also display this user box on your user page, and copy it to your home wiki:

{{User tech ambassador}}

TAThis Tech Ambassador monitors changes that may affect Wikimedia Meta-Wiki.

Get more involved

If you want to go beyond ambassador-type activities, there are many ways in which you can help.

You can help guide the work of our developers, or start designing, coding, translating or testing software yourself.

Hellefsmeddel för de täschnesche Bottschaffter