Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/People/Organizational Strategy Liaisons

What is an Organizational Strategy Liaison? edit

Organizational Strategy Liaisons appointed by organized groups will act as a conduit for ideas, questions, and updates. This will enable organized groups to participate effectively in the Movement Strategy Process and ensure that voices and perspectives of organizations and collaboratives are well heard and considered. The Organizational Strategy Liaison will be engaged in (pro)active communication with the Working Groups and the Core Team to ensure that their organization is up to date with the overall process and its internal conversations are synchronous and well connected to global discussions.

What will the Organizational Strategy Liaison for organized groups do? edit

  • Be a point of contact for the Core Team and the Working Groups and act as a bridge between organized groups and the overall Movement Strategy Process;
  • Proactively update their organization about the ongoing work and how they can participate in it effectively;
  • Coordinate and facilitate discussions within the organization to provide input into the Movement Strategy Process;
  • Highlight the most important organizational feedback points to the Working Groups.

Who can be an Organizational Strategy Liaison? edit

  • Members, board or staff of an organized group, or other enthusiastic community members who have the mandate from their group to coordinate the conversations;
  • People who like to focus on the larger picture, and understand which concerns and views are widespread and which are individual and opinion-based;
  • Communicators who are able to explain the ongoing work to members of your organization, surface the key results from the conversations in your organizations and feed it back to the process.

How much time does being an Organizational Strategy Liaison require? edit

We’d like Organizational Strategy Liaisons to commit to the role from March to December, 2019. In some weeks, such as during the community conversations in March-April as well as August-September, Organizational Strategy Liaisons will ideally be able to commit approximately 5-8 hours per week to monitor global conversations and facilitate organizational discussions. Outside of the active periods, you would ideally be able to commit 1-2 hours per week to stay up to date and engage with important questions or issues related to your organization.

What support will be available for Organizational Strategy Liaisons? edit

  • Dedicated support from our Community Relations Specialist, Kelsi Stine-Rowe (kstinerowe with questions about the process for facilitating community conversations;
  • Regular updates on the status of the process and next steps as well as possible opportunities to participate and provide input;
  • Professional translation of materials into select languages, and volunteer translation is also being planned; please indicate any translation (from and to English) support you would need from the Core Team;
  • A toolkit to facilitate conversations with your community;
  • Community Strategy Liaisons to facilitate select language community conversations.

How do you sign up to be an Organizational Strategy Liaison? edit

  • If your organized group has agreed for you to volunteer as their Organizational Strategy Liaison, please sign up here.

List edit

These are the names and organizations of everyone who agreed to be listed publicly

Full Name Username Group Name of the organization or group
Rémy Gerbet Affiliate Wikimédia France
Irvin Sto. Tomas Affiliate Philippine Wikimedia Community
Habib M'henni Dyolf77 Affiliate Wikimedia Tunisie
Geert Van Pamel Affiliate Wikimedia Belgium
Jitendra Shah
Biplab Anand
Affiliate Maithili Wikimedians
Cornelius Kibelka
Moritz Rahm
Affiliate Wikimedia Deutschland
Pavanaja Bellippady Affiliate Karavali Wikimedians
Farah Mustaklem Committee Affiliations Committee
Mark A. Hershberger
Bryan Hilderbrand
Affiliate MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group
Liang-chih Shang Kuan Affiliate Wikimedia Taiwan
Zana Shtrkovska Affiliate GLAM Macedonia
Justice Okai-Allotey Owula kpakpo Affiliate Wikimedia Ghana
Raphael Berchie Rberchie Affiliate Open Foundation West Africa
Aboubacar Keita Affiliate Groupe d'utilisateurs de la communauté Wikimedia Guinée Conakry
Ozurumba Uzoma Uzoma Ozurumba Affiliate Igbo Wikimedians
Abel L Mbula BamLifa Affiliate Wikimedians of Democratic Republic of Congo
Reda Kerbouche
Mohammed Bachounda
bachounda Affiliate Wikimedia Algeria
Mompati Dikunwane Affiliate Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana
Erlan Vega Rios Affiliate Wikimedistas de Bolivia
Delphine Ménard WMF Wikimedia Foundation
Athikhun Suwannakhan Affiliate Wikimedians in Thailand
Richard Knipel Regional group/collective Wikimedia United States Coalition
Megan Wacha Affiliate Wikimedia New York City
Macreanu Iulian Affiliate Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova
Sanket Oswal Affiliate Wikimedia India
Susanna Mkrtchyan Affiliate Wikimedia Armenia
Shabab Mustafa Affiliate Wikimedia Bangladesh
Lucy Crompton-Reid Affiliate Wikimedia UK
Butch Bustria Regional group/collective East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Regional Cooperation
Samuel Francis Swicegood Affiliate Ohio Wikimedians
Ravan Jaafar Al-Taie Affiliate Iraqi Wikimedians
Georges Fodouop Affiliate Wikimedians of Cameroon
Mariana Fossatti Affiliate Wikimedia Uruguay
Antoni Mtavangu Affiliate Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania
JP Béland Affiliate Wikimedians of North American Indigenous Languages
Subhashish Panigrahi
Jnanaranjan Sahu
Affiliate Odia Wikimedians
Bobby Shabangu Affiliate Wikimedia South Africa
Geoffrey Kateregga Affiliate Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda
Greta Doçi Affiliate Wikimedians of Albanian Language
Edgar José Rosero Villacís Affiliate Wikimedistas de Ecuador
Esther Marie Jackson Affiliate Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network
Jean-Philippe Béland Affiliate Wikimédia Canada
Dr Mel Ganus DrMel Affiliate San Diego Wikimedians (& WikiSoCal)
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight Affiliate Wikimedia District of Columbia
Eugene Eichelberger Affiliate Wikimedia Community Ireland
Isaac Chabota Kanguya Icem4k Affiliate Wikitongues
Galder Gonzalez Affiliate Basque Wikimedians
Sherry Antoine Affiliate AfroCROWD
Netha Hussain Affiliate WikiWomen's User Group
Doug Taylor Affiliate Wiki Project Med
Ester Bonet Affiliate Wikimujeres
Yury Bulka Affiliate Wikimedia Ukraine
Matej Grochal Affiliate Wikimedians of Slovakia
Thomas Schallhart Affiliate Wikimedia LGBT+
Claudia Garad Affiliate Wikimedia Österreich
Ivonne Kristiani Affiliate Wikimedia Indonesia
Kayode Yussuf Kayusyussuf Affiliate Wikimedia User Group Nigeria
Frans Grijzenhout Affiliate Wikimedia Nederland
Tom Hogarth JarrahTree Affiliate Wikimedia Australia
Gonçalo Themudo Affiliate Wikimedia Portugal
Elena Sanz Affiliate Wikimedia España