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منتظم داروغو (اسٽيورڊ)/چونڊون 2016/هدايتي اصول

This page is a translated version of the page Stewards/Elections 2016/Guidelines and the translation is 57% complete.
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2016 چونڊون داروڳا، داروغا يا منتظم (اسٽيورڊ) (درخواست رهنمائي)
هي صفحو ووٽنگ ۾ دلچسپي رکندڙ يا بحيثيت اميدوار Steward Elections ۾ يوزرن کي رهنمائي ڏئي ٿو.مهرباني ڪري هيٺ لاڳاپيل سيڪشن پڙهو.

راءِ ڏيندڙ (ووٽر)

راءِ (ووٽ) ڏيڻ کان پهرئين,توهانکي گهرجي ته:

  • توهان وٽ کاتو هجي;
  • not primarily use the account for automated (bot) tasks;
  • 01 نومبر2015 کان پهرئين تمام وڪي ذريعات (وڪيميڊيا)وڪيز تي گهٽ ۾ گهٽ عالمي طورتي 600 ترميمون ڪيون هجن;
  • 01 آگسٽ 2015 ۽ 31 جنوري 2016 جي دوران تمام وڪي ذريعات (وڪيميڊيا)وڪيز تي گهٽ ۾ گهٽ عالمي طورتي 50 ترميمون ڪيون هجن;

(توهان مٿيون گهرجون خودڪار طريقي سان چڪاس ڪري سگهو ٿا.)

You can vote "yes", "no" or "neutral" once on any of the candidates. If you need to change your vote after, you are permitted to do so.

To vote, view the vote page of the candidate, through either clicking the link from their statement page or clicking any of the yes/no/neutral options from the main hub page. From there, right below the candidate statement is a "vote" button - press it, select your vote, enter an optional rationale and submit your vote. Your vote will be added right away, and your eligibility will be checked after.

Any user is also free to comment on the concurrently-running steward confirmations at Stewards/Confirm/2016.

ترجمو نگار

مهرباني ڪري اسٽيورڊ چونڊ مُعاون باب ڏسو وڌيڪ تفصيل لاءِ.

حصو وٺندڙن لاءِ صلاحون

  • You can ask the candidates questions on Stewards/Elections 2016/Questions. Please post no more than 2 relevant questions per candidate, and keep them as short as possible.
  • You can add a short (at most one or two lines) statement explaining your vote. Long conversations (responses to the votes of others) may be moved to the talk page, with a note added so other participants know where to look for it.
  • As some users have disabled CentralNotice, you may also inform other users who might be interested in participating in the voting.


ضروري گُهرجون

Please read carefully all this text before nominating yourself. If you do not meet the following prerequisites you will be automatically disqualified.

Before applying for stewardship, you must:

  • agree to abide by the policies governing steward access, checkuser access, oversight access, and privacy;
  • have a user account, which you have used actively for at least six months on at least one public Wikimedia Foundation project;
  • hold or have held administrator rights on at least one public Wikimedia Foundation project for a period of at least three months.

(You can check the above requirements automatically.)

Also, because steward work can lead to legal consequences and involvement (see the checkuser and oversight policies), you must:

Stewards are preferably multilingual, because steward work often involves projects of varying language, but this is not a requirement. They should also be available on a reasonably common basis. The stewards policy sets limitations; for example, stewards may not use their access on projects that they are active on to avoid conflicts of interest, and are encouraged to watch and help on the steward request pages. They can also join the IRC channel #wikimedia-stewardsconnect on freenode to answer requests.

Inactive stewards will have their access removed.

رازداري معاهدي تي دستخط ڪريو


You must sign the confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information before February 08, or you will be disqualified. Please see Steward handbook/email templates for the process for doing this.