Globala låsningar

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A global lock is a way by which stewards can technically prevent Wikimedia accounts from logging into any project (and thus, no editing can be done). When an account is locked, attempts to log into it fail on all Wikimedia projects. It is generally applied to vandalism-only accounts, spam-only accounts, long-term abuser sock accounts, compromised accounts, and though in rare cases (until global blocking is extended to named accounts) users who would be eligible for a global block are locked in this way as well. The locking interface also offers the option of hiding the account name in all logs, for usernames that are impersonating, harassing or offensive.

  • För globala låsningar och bannlysningar, see Special:MyLanguage/Global blocks och Special:MyLanguage/Global bans.
  • Globala låsningar kan ombes och överklagas på Steward requests/Global.
The message displayed to a globally locked account

Anledningar till att be om en global låsning

Det följande är ett lista över vanliga anledningar till globala låsningar. Som en tumregel händer globala låsningar nästan alltid i självklara situationer. Det finns ingen policy som styr över globala låsningar och har godkänts av gemenskapen, men denna lista representerar hur det är i praktiken.

  • Accounts that have been used only for vandalism or abuse on multiple wikis and are actively vandalizing now or obviously are otherwise being disruptive on multiple wikis are candidates for a global lock. Please include links to block histories or other evidence of abuse on other projects, and indicate where the account is still active.
  • Konton vars enda syfte är att spamma på Wikimedias wikier.
  • Accounts whose names are offensive or abusive are also eligible for locking, and may be hidden from logs as well.
  • Accounts that have violated other principles which are grounds for indefinite blocks on multiple individual wikis, such as making repeated legal threats, publishing child pornography, or posting private personal information about others which may endanger them.
  • Accounts that are suspected to have been compromised, as a temporary measure to maintain account security until the owner is contacted.
  • Accounts that have been globally banned (community or foundation).
  • Accounts that have been created to evade a global ban (community or foundation).
  • Accounts whose owners are known to be deceased.

Compromised account

You may be looking for Help:Compromised accounts.

Sometimes stewards lock with reason as "Compromised account". If your account has been locked with this reason, please contact ca wikimedia org.