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Support 360 photo viewing

  • Problem: Wikipedia Article/ Media Viewer can't show 360° photos as a 360° because it can't Read/Render necessary 'EXIF metadata tags' from the uploaded photo. When uploading from a 360-ready camera, sometimes 'Metadata Stripping' occurs & there is no 'Exif Editor' in Media Viewer/Commons to do a 'Metadata Injecting'.
Just another animated GIF, showing a concept of usability in wikipedia articles.
  • Who would benefit: Editor who want to express the feeling about the surroundings of any place/ architecture in any article.Instead of showing many photos someone can take 1; 360° photo to encapsulate all the information he/she want to show.

Reader who want to feel the surroundings of any Place/ architecture in any Wiki article they read.It puts the reader/viewer in control of what they want to look at within an image, which is like being in the moment when that particular photograph was captured!

Also, Wikipedia's existing 'panoramic photos' look's very small in mobile devices. Adding 360° viewing capability in media viewer will solve this problem.

  • Proposed solution: Integrate a web based 'EXIF editor/Injector' in wikimedia Commons similar to THEXIFER.NET, so that when uploading 360° photos, 'Metadata Injecting' can be possible.

Integrate 'Panoviewer' tool/egjs-view360 into 'Media viewer' & 'Mediawiki's CORE' so that article readers can navigate inside the image by mouse or finger gesture.

An auto generated 'Thumbnail' will be shown in the article when low internet speed/device incompatibility will be detected.

User dschwen did some good work on this.
  • More comments: This has been a wish on the previous wishlists and only slightly missed the Top X several times:
  • Phabricator tickets: phab:T138933
  • Proposer: Ahm masum 30 November 2020 (UTC)