Celtic Knot Conference 2022/Knot together

Because the Celtic Knot Conference is taking place remotely, we need to find creative ways to connect with each other and replicate this feeling of a welcoming community that has been at the center of the previous Celtic Knot events. We want to be inclusive, international, multilingual, spontaneous and supportive!

Celtic Knot
Wikimedia Language Conference
1-2 July 2022
hybrid event

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First of all, make sure to be familiar with our Friendly Space Policy: it applies on all virtual conference spaces, including the social channels.

Social channels


A great way to enjoy a remote conference is to be in touch with other event participants on social channels. This will allow you to ask questions, comment on the content of the sessions, share interesting facts, or just have fun. Here are a few channels where you can participate:

  • Participants group (Telegram): the main place for all discussions related to the conference. During the conference, expect this channel to be quite busy.
  • Announcements channel (Telegram): this channel is only for announcements from the organizers about the event. You can subscribe to it to be informed about any major updates related to the conference.
  • Social group (Telegram): feel free to use this channel for off-topic discussions (weather, food, cats...) or to continue discussions that would take too much space on the main discussion channel.
  • Twitter and other social networks using hashtags: you can post about the conference and find other participants with the hashtag #CelticKnot2022.

List of participants


Do you plan to attend the Celtic Knot 2022? Feel free to add your username below!

Contact the organizers


The Celtic Knot 2022 is built for you by Wikimedia UK with the support of Wikimedia Deutschland. Here are the main members of the organization crew:

If you need to contact the organizing team, please write on the talk page of the event (public). You can also write an email at daria.cybulska wikimedia.org.uk.