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In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful. - Alice Walker

James Rhoda at the Wikimedia Hackathon Kwara 2022

My name is James Rhoda, I am a student, indulging in the Educational sector, I enjoy making art, studying books and contributing to the development of my environment. I have actively taken part in a number of contests and campaigns that enrich articles, establish Wikidata entries, and increase visibility of content connected to Africa.

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Community Works/User Groups edit

  1. Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos in Nigeria 2020 (Participant)
  2. 1lib1ref Kwara (Facilitator)
  3. Wikimedia Nigeria User Group Nigeria (member)
  4. Wiki Loves Africa 2021 (participant)
  5. WPWP 2021 (participant)]
  6. Co-Trainer/Communication Expert for Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom program
  7. [Lead for Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom for Secondary School Students, Kwara Nigeria]
  8. Wikidata for Nigerian Novelist and Novels 2022. (Project Lead)
  9. AfroCreatives Wikiproject Campaign (Facilitator)
  10. Wiki Loves Libraries Nigeria (Facilitator)
  11. Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom, Lagos State (Co-Trainer)
  12. Let's Connect Kwara (Facilitator/Sharer)
  13. Celtic Knot Local meet-up (Facilitator)
  14. Promoting Nigerian Books and Author 2023 (Project Lead)

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