Celtic Knot Conference 2022/Online program

During the two days of the online event, we want to provide a few sessions that can be watched live or asynchronously. The program contains only one track (without parallel sessions) with a lot of interactive content (workshops) as well as breaks, and most sessions will be recorded.

Celtic Knot
Wikimedia Language Conference
1-2 July 2022
hybrid event

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Friday, July 1st

Type Time & duration Session & speakers Documentation
💡 08:00 UTC


Opening session & News from the Language Communities

After a short introduction and orientation session by the conference organizers, we will present a selection of the presentations prepared by the various communities involved in minoritized languages on the Wikimedia projects. You can find the list of all presentations here.

Replay on Youtube

Replay on Commons

10min break
🛠 09:00 UTC


Workshop: Support your wiki's community to grow, learning from the experience of two community leaders

Speakers: Tochi Precious, Isaac Olatunde


Replay on Youtube Replay on Commons

60min break
🛠 12:00 UTC


Workshop: How to organize or join an editing campaign?

Speakers: Robin Owain (Wikimedia UK Manager of Wales), Bodhisattwa (West Bengal Wikimedians User Group), Michaela Blanc (NaPupila, Art+Feminism Brazil)



Replay on Youtube Replay on Commons

120min break - feel free to watch content from the videos pool!
💬 16:00 UTC


Discussions & get-together

During this guided discussion session, we will bring all participants from various communities together, we will get to know each other, and we will explore various topics around community growth, for example inspired from the results of the community input survey. All participants are welcome to join and will be able to propose discussion topics during the session.

Notes of the discussions


Saturday, July 2nd

Type Time & duration Session & speakers Documentation
🛠 09:00 UTC


Workshop: Set up your first Wikidata-powered infobox on your wiki with Databox

Speakers: Sadik (Dagbani Wikimedians User group), Dnshitobu (Gurene Wikimedia Community)


Replay on Youtube Replay on Commons

List of wikis where Databox was installed during the workshop

60min break - feel free to watch content from the videos pool!
🛠 12:00 UTC


Workshop: Let’s translate Wikidata properties in our languages!

Speakers: Musah Fuseini, Galder Gonzalez, Mohammed Sadat


Replay on Youtube

120min break - feel free to watch content from the videos pool!
💡 16:00 UTC


Closing & wrap-up Replay on Youtube

Replay on Commons

10min break
💬 16:30 UTC


Social gathering: language challenges with Norbert Wierzbicki from Ecolinguist

Join this session to have fun with other participants and learn more about different languages. Together with Norbert Wierzbicki, running the Ecolinguist Youtube channel, we will play various games related to languages: we'll see if people speaking mutually intelligible languages can understand each other, we'll guess what words and phrases mean in other languages, and more!

This social event is open to all participants registered for the Celtic Knot Conference: regardless of the number of languages you speak and your fluency, you're very welcome to join.


Participate in the "News from the Language Communities" lightning talks


The proposal phase for the "News from the Language Communities" is now closed.


The Celtic Knot Conference is a gathering dedicated to the communities working on a minority language on the Wikimedia projects, as well as individuals or groups running projects related to languages within the Wikimedia movement. During the Celtic Knot, we want to offer the opportunity for all of these groups to present their work, give an update on ongoing projects, and share lessons learned that could be useful to other groups working on similar topics.

The "News from the Language Communities" program consists of a series of short videos provided by the communities. The videos will be maximum 5 min long and pre-recorded, in the language of people's choice (English subtitles will be provided by the organization team). A selection of these videos will be presented during the live online program on July 1st, and all videos will be available online in the videos pool.

Are you part of a group of editors working on a specific language? Is your user group or chapter involved in adding content on the Wikimedia projects in a minority language? Are you running advocacy programs, partnerships or editing campaigns? Are you running a project related to the Wikimedia projects, using content from the projects or encouraging people to contribute? Your contribution to the "News from the Language Communities" would be amazing! We are especially encouraging communities outside of Europe to participate.

How does it work?


In order to participate in the "News from the Languages Communities", you can send us a video presenting your project and what you have been working on over the past year. We encourage you to prepare this contribution together with your community, local group or other people involved in the project.

5 minutes to present your project
The maximum length of the video is 5 minutes. The main goal of this lightning talk is to present the activities that you are doing, related to minority languages on the Wikimedia projects. Here's a suggestion of structure you can adopt for your presentation:
  • 1 min: Brief presentation of who you are (community, project, etc.). Give a bit of background (for example, about the language you’re working on) so people can have some context;
  • 2 min: Present one exciting project happening at the moment OR 1 important thing that happened over the past year;
  • 1 min: Mention one important challenge and how your community overcame it (or not);
  • 10 seconds at the end: wrap up, display contact info, mention how to get in touch with you during/after the conference.

All languages welcome!
You can decide to present in English, or in the language that makes the most sense for you. In any case, the organization team will provide English subtitles for all videos. If you choose English, please make sure to speak in a clear and slow way to ease the comprehension for non-native speakers.

Your video should ideally have a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a WebM or MPEG file format, with a loud and clear sound quality. If the language is other than English, sending the script together with the video would be much appreciated to ease the translation process. Feel free to use the slidedeck template and the visuals to prepare your video.

Send your contribution before May 31
Please note that we are running on a tight timeline, therefore delayed contributions cannot receive the same attention than contributions arrived on time (for example regarding subtitles production). Your contribution should be sent by email to Léa Lacroix (lea.lacroix wikimedia.de) and should contain:
  • the link to your final video on the file transfer tool of your choice;
  • a short title of your session that includes the name of your community or project;
  • a short description (2-3 sentences) of the content of your video, in English;
  • The script of your video if it is not in English;
  • the name and e-mail address of the person who we should contact if we have questions or issues.

Guidelines and support


In order to help you preparing your pre-recorded lightning talk, we compiled guidelines and tips on this page.

Additionally, if you need advice or support to prepare, record or edit your video, feel free to contact Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (lea.lacroix wikimedia.de). Support from the organizers may include for example:

  • Design elements: feel free to use the official visual pictures for your video or slides
  • Slidedeck template to duplicate and edit
  • Discussion by email to brainstorm/discuss the topic and content of your contribution
  • Have a call to brainstorm/discuss the content of your contribution
  • Review the slides or script of your contribution
  • Have a call to rehearse your presentation together before recording
  • Guidance and support to record the presentation (e.g. recording the presentation together over a video call)

Please note that the active support phase for contributors will run from May 3 to May 24, so don't wait for the last minute if you need help!


  • Deadline to send your contribution: May 31 (Please make sure to send your video before the deadline!)
  • Active phase of support for contributors: May 3-24 (see section above)
  • Processing videos: June 1-28 (Organizers process videos, produce English subtitles and select 6 videos that will be presented during the online event)
  • All videos uploaded on Youtube: June 29-30
  • "News from the Languages Communities" live session is taking place during the live online program: July 1st