Andrew Tavis McAllister
Data scientist and developer
GitHub: andrewtavis
- Humboldt University of Berlin, MS
- University of Oregon, BS

Wikimedia related software


Scribe is a community of language enthusiasts, learners and developers creating tools to help people communicate with confidence. Our current project is Scribe-iOS, a pack of iOS and iPadOS keyboards with features including translation, verb conjugation and word annotation. Later focus will shift to Scribe-Android and Scribe-Desktop.


wikirepo is a Python package that provides a framework to easily source and leverage standardized Wikidata information. The goal is to create an intuitive interface so that Wikidata can function as a common read-write repository for public socioeconomic statistics.


wikirec is a framework that allows users to parse Wikipedia in any language for entries of a given type and then seamlessly generate recommendations for the given content. Recommendations are based on unsupervised natural language processing over article texts, with ratings being leveraged to weigh inputs and indicate preferences.

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