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Wikipedia Calls me 511KeV, I am a Radiology student, and am currently pursuing my Masters. On Wiki, I am working for the development of Kashmiri Wikipedia. I also contribute in Radiology related articles.

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I joined Wikimedia in 2020. My first edit was on English Wikipedia. ex-VRT member, Admin at Kashmiri Wikipedia.

My dream is to make Kashmiri Wikipedia one of the important resource in Kashmiri literature. I know this is not an easy task but we seem to progress with every edit. No matter, when this target will be achieved, we are going to progress.

Disclaimer: The user deals with radiations. Beware of Radiation Hazard!

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My User name is inspired by this fact of physics, which also applies to my personal life. You can call me Five Hundred Eleven Kilo Electron Volt.

The electron and positron (matter & anti-matter) come in close contact with each other and annihilate, resulting in emission of 2 gamma ray photons of 511KeV energy in opposite direction.

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