Hi, I am 511KeV (Five Hundred Eleven Kilo Electron Volt), a humble soul within the Wikimedia's embrace, serving since twenty twenty. My keyboard orchestrates symphonies on the English Wikipedia and Wikidata's canvas, while my spirit roams freely across Commons, Metawiki, and Kashmiri Wikipedia's realms. Radiology's intricate tapestry and the enchanting essence of Kashmir often find their way into my edits, yet my wandering words also seek solace beyond these cherished domains. In realms apart, I dwell as a devoted disciple of Radiology's wisdom, a student enamored by the mysteries of its craft.

Why 511KeV? edit

My User name is inspired by this fact of physics, which also applies to my personal life.

The electron and positron (matter & anti-matter) come in close contact with each other and annihilate, resulting in emission of 2 gamma ray photons of 511KeV energy in opposite direction.

You can call me Five Hundred Eleven Kilo Electron Volt.

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