Уикимедиа жобалары

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A summary of the different Wikimedia communities.

Descriptions and statistics

Pages here at Meta describing the content projects, and including, where appropriate, tables of statistics for individual languages:


Уикимедиа қоры ақысыз мазмұн моделін ұстанатын он бір уикиді басқарады, олардың басты мақсаты - білім тарату.

This page contains links to central pages on each Wikimedia wiki. Please add any missing wikis (see Complete list of Wikimedia projects — many seem to be missing) and fill in any missing links you find.

A short list with links only to each wiki's main page can be found at Complete list of Wikimedia projects . The lists are sorted by project and alphabetically by language code.

Table glossary

To keep the table small, please use abbreviations.

General discussion
Your local Village pump (VP)
Local news pages, Goings-On
Admins, RfA
List of admins, Requests for Adminship
Votes for Deletion
Embassy / ambassadors
Embassy page / users who help with cross-language issues (see master list of ambassadors)
Local press room/press releases
Featured/Excellent Articles (FA) and Featured Article Candidates (FAC) or whatever procedures you have for quality control
Local statistics pages if it has one
Date started
When the project was started (use preferably the non-ambiguous and locale-neutral numeric format "yyyy-mm-dd", using Hindu-Arabic digits [0123456789] that almost everyone can read)

See also: the full table at Special:SiteMatrix.

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